Over the years, the Microgaming jackpot network has made many players rich, but in 2019, it will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations. Only half of this year has passed, and their top pay games have already paid close to RM900000 in a total of 1,150,559 bonuses. Lucky players pay in the currency of their choice.

Malaysia Online Casino players won the biggest jackpot in 2019

The start of the year was particularly good for a player in Malaysia Casino online, because this player won the Super Jackpot when the Great Blue spins the reel, and the prize money exceeds Rm8888. slot casino online malaysiaThis is the third-largest bonus in the history slot casino online malaysia of Microgaming jackpots, and it is also the largest bonus so far in 2019, but there is still a chance to break new records. His success on May 12th doubled the motivation of like-minded players to chase other awards in the Microgaming jackpot network.

Microgaming accumulated compensation has exceeded Rm900000

2020 is destined to become the best year of the Microgaming jackpot network. With the creation of many prizes over Rm100000, the fate of many people has become better, and players have higher expectations for the second half of 2019. Microgaming accumulated compensation has exceeded Rm800000, and is slowly approaching the 1million mark. The biggest payout prize belongs to them. Now what are you waiting for, contact the service customer and register immediately.