888 Dragons Online Slot Developed By Pragmatic Play

888 Dragons is an online video slot developed by Pragmatic Play, released in June 2017. The stage is set in China with the theme of Dragon. There are only three types of symbols in the game, so the attraction is that the three dragons appear in turn on the wheel. This is a super simple game with 3×3 reels and a Payline!It’s not just simple in appearance. There are no free spins features, wilds features, bonus scatter symbols and more in regular video slots! This is a game that eliminates the traditional slot game and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the best game. RTP(rate of Return) is 96.84%, and if the Dragon is aligned with the middle Payline, you can basically get a reward.It has medium volatility,so it is recommended for those looking to take risks. The minimum bet is$ 0.01 and the maximum bet is$ 5.00.Let’s thoroughly explain the appeal of the game, such as the type of 888 Dragons Slot symbols and how to play them.

What are the symbols in the game

These symbols are dragons of four different colors.The symbol of high spending is the Golden Dragon. The low dividend symbol is a gray symbol. The bonus table for 888 Dragons is as follows. (The following multiplier is the value when you bet$ 5)

Golden Dragon:100 times
Green Dragon: 50 times
Blue Dragon:15 times
Gray Dragon: 5X (3 kinds of Dragons on the payline)

There is only one Pay line,which is easy to understand.You can win the prize by aligning the three valid paylines (the middle line) with the same symbols on the left and right sides, as well as symbols of different colors. The system allows you to win multiple of the coin X-line bet x Prize when aligned on the Active line.

To start the rotation, click the arrow mark at the bottom right of the screen.Even if you don’t press the Rotate button, you can rotate it by pressing only the Enter key or the space bar on your keyboard.

To set the bet amount, click the“ +”and“-”on the left and right sides of the spin button. The total bet amount is” number of coins per Payline ” x “coin value”. Choose from a minimum bet of $ 0.01 and a maximum bet of $ 5.00.

To set auto play, click“auto play”below the Rotate button.The number of auto play can be selected 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100 times. After selecting the number of times you want, click the auto play button to start auto play. You can also set a loss limit.

Basically, you just need to align the same/different symbols on the line in the middle of the reel to win the prize. The advantage of the 888 Dragons slot is that it’s fun and super simple. Traditional slot machine features, such as the free spins feature and bonus scatter, have been removed from the game. One of the advantages is that the threshold is low, as you can bet $ 0.01. You can play the game quickly by three symbols.

In which casinos can I play 888 Dragon

You can play 888 Dragons by betting for Real Money in the“online casino where you can play 888 Dragons (practical games)”below.

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Of course, you can play 888 Dragons on your smartphone or tablet. This is safe because it supports all devices. You will have the opportunity to grab the Dragon anytime, anywhere and win the jackpot, so the Big Bang! It doesn’t matter to have an iPhone, iPad or Android device!