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Since the classic casual Game “Fishing Master” came out, fishing video games began to swept the world.Now on the market of different styles of fishing games although slightly different in the picture and operation,but the basic is a little innovation in fishing on the basis of play, such as now loved by the game player “thousand guns fishing”, “fishing” and so on. Yingjia international wclub365 recently “fishing King” game broke 3.88 million Awards let the AG platform of the video game stand out from the crowd of fishing games.

What is the concept of 388 million bonus?And what kind of good luck does it mean?I believe it will make a lot of video game enthusiasts are hot eyes, and the lucky member of Yingjia international is only in the “fishing King” game with a finger.Although this is not Yingjia international wclub365 first won the lucky prize of the game player, but the explosion of the prize of the rich prize, absolutely regarded as the highest in recent months in the electronic gaming platform industry.Coupled with the early morning of November 24th another lucky game player in Yingjia international PT video game “bonus bear”to 500 yuan hit 100,000 Awards, Yingjia international wclub365 produced video game explosion award rate can be seen.

It is understood that the burst of 3.88 million Awards the tail number 215 game player is a senior user of Yingjia international, leisure time always love in Yingjia international wclub365 to find one or two video games to pass the time, which AG entertainment platform this “fishing King” is his favorite.”Before has always loved to play fishing video games, including on the mobile phone also downloaded, but there is no Yingjia international this can be real money fishing to awesome.”The lucky user is clearly excited: “because Tuesday and Wednesday in Yingjia international wclub365 play fishing games have extra bonuses, so basically every week will set a time to play.”Did not expect this time so lucky to burst even, hit back in the prize pool.Such a big surprise, the future will be more support Yingjia international.The player said from ear to ear after a smooth withdrawal.

Speaking of the “fishing King” of Yingjia international entertainment platform, I believe that many game player are put it down.Based on the classic fishing game simple gameplay allows all players to quickly get started,fresh and beautiful graphics and scenes make players feel more pleasing in the game.The most valuable is Yingjia international wclub365 this “fishing king” retains the original fishing game can burst award surprise experience.From the game alone profit list can be seen,like hundreds of thousands of awards for the “king of fishing” AG entertainment platform is common, it is no wonder that many boutique video games Yingjia international will be for the “king of fishing” game player alone to send promotions. If you also like fishing video games, take the rich first deposit offer sent by Yingjia international wclub365 to try,maybe the next lucky one is you.


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