Arjen Robben already announced his decision for leaving Bayern Muenchen at the end of this season. He was prepared for leave but felt really frustrated as his injury is holding him back. He has said he is not sure he will play for Bayern Munich again as he continues to struggle with the muscular problems that have kept him out since last year. Even though he has decided to leave, he wants to pay more for the rest of this season.

Arjen Robben is already 35-year-old. He’s not in his prime age anymore and it’s getting hard for him for keeping up with the team’s pace. He has been sidelined since the Champions League win over Benfica on November 27,

Arjen Robben has said that he has his doubts and he was unsure he can play for The Bavarians again this season. He told online casino Malaysia what happened just now is frustrating and mostly because he himself was unsure about what is wrong exactly. He was afraid he had played his last game for Die Rotten as his condition is not getting any better.

Arjen Robben has played for Bayern Munich for the past 9 years and he’s always been an important player and the main key of Bayern Munich successful season. Months ago he claimed he asked the club to extend his contract for another year, but he’s physical condition said otherwise.

Arjen Robben Wants To Play For The Rest Of This Season

Arjen Robben had announced his decision to leave in December but he wants to play more for the rest of this season. Sadly the former Netherlands international has no choice as his injury problems had delayed his return to training. Just when he got closer to comeback, a calf injury ended his chances of playing in a final Klassiker against Borussia Dortmund.

Even though he has confirmed his leave, Arjen Robben claimed he has yet to decide his next move. He is linked to several clubs in and outside Europe. He also stated there are inquiries and calls from clubs but for now on he wants to trains again and gains back his strength.

His former clubs, Groningen and Eindhoven told slot online Malaysia that the door was open for him to return. Inter Milan is also reported as one of his suitors. But their offer had turned by the former Real Madrid player. There are also rumors that said Arjen Robben will soon leave to Major League Soccer in the United States. Some are believed he’ll moving to Japan.


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