Arsenal defeated West Ham 1-0 in the 28th round of the 2019/20 Premier League, and Racadette hit the game. Arsenal won the third straight win in the league.

Arsenal has just lost two games against West Ham in 25 games, with the remaining 23 games reaching 19 wins and 4 draws. Arsenal won the lead with 30 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses in 47 English Premier League games, with 17 wins, 1 draw, and 5 losses at home. Arsenal was in a position to gain a victory over the previous 141 games, with 66 wins, 40 draws and 35 losses. Papasparto Sopopoulos, Mali and Nkatia rotate.

Just two minutes from the start, online casino malaysia see Pao Man struck the mid-to-close pillar in front of the right-hand lane of the box. Sevelos passed the ball, Zaka far-shot high. The right side of the box passed in Obama-Jan’s midfield with a front-top punch in Papasparta Sopoplos’s small box hitting the beam. Krasville’s direct goal was slightly higher. Before the end of the half-game, Diop’s midway goal was blocked and Antonio strafed out.

Second half. Saca passed that the shooting on the left side of the Enkatia exclusion zone was blocked by Faibianski, and Pepe was confiscated after the refiring. Antonio was shot out of the close-up header in a Halley pass. Raqazate replaced Nqatia. Norpur passed the ball, and the shot in front of Bowen’s box was saved by Reno. In Obama’s message, the right side of the Pepe box was blocked by a range of sky-based fire.

Pepe was replaced by Nelson. Norpur was rescued by a 12-yard, open-air fire from Vernasse. Arsenal broke the deadlock in the 78th minute, with the front shot of the Obama-era restricted area blocked and deflected, the number 10 player had a ball and a Raqazate close-up pad was launched into the net. VAR determines that the goal is valid after a long period of confirmation. Bowen mitered that the right-hand shot of the Halley Small Area was rescued by Reno.

Arsenal 1-0 Arsenal 1-0

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): 1-Leno; 5-Papassopoulos, 23-Louis, 22-Mali, 77-Saca; 8-Sevalos, 34-Zaka; 19-Pepe (69′, 24-Nelson), 10-Ezil, 14-Obamenyan; 30-Nkati Asia (59′ 9 – La Cazette)

West Ham (4-4-2): 1-Fabianski; 52-Ngajia, 23-Diop, 21-Obuna, 3-Kreesville; 17-Bowen, 16-Nobor (81′, 28-Sokek), 41-Les, 18-Fernas (87′, 8-Anderson); 3 0-Antonio, 22-Halle


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