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Designer Red Tiger restores the antiquated craft of transforming base metals into gold in their obscure space Aurum Codex. Endless wannabe chemists have pursued the fantasy all through the ages, presently its players go to take a shot. Aiding in this stroll on the supernatural side of life are Alchemy Wilds, Wild Alchemy, and a group of free twists.

Strangely, utilizing demonstrated logical strategies, it’s really conceivable to transform lead into gold. Before you surge down to the metals shop to get a heap of lead, there is a proviso. Close by the huge cost of acquiring the necessary atom smasher, the cycle costs more than the subsequent take of gold. Ok well, very much like the cost of gadgets is everlastingly descending, maybe one-day molecule gas pedals will be a typical family thing.

Aurum Codex – free twists

Red Tiger has utilized the subject to go full elusive. The 5-reel, 20-payline matrix is situated in a type of researcher spiritualist’s drawing-room, brimming with mixtures, globes, books, covered by a sparkling pentagram-like plan on the floor. The general look has a nineteenth century honorable feel, such a Picture of Dorian Gray thing. The designs are excellent, brilliant, dynamic, and seepage environment. After the charming prologue to the game world, Aurum Codex slips consistently downhill.

The music begins well as well, seeming like the lethargic piece of a Tool or Perfect tune, where the crowd will influence a piece before the head banging proceeds. It gets redundant sooner or later however, enhancing the tedious idea of the ongoing interaction. The music can be quieted, however then you lose sound through and through.

Numerically, players get the tips red tiger gaming unique with regards to RTP which times in at 95.77% while unpredictability has been turned up to high. It is anything but an especially close space; hits come often enough to keep spirits up, it’s simply that hitting the reward game can be a difficulty on the off chance that you hit a tough situation.

Accessible for play on any gadget from between 10 p/c to £/€20 per turn, the images here are also planned as the remainder of the game, split into high and low pays. Red Tiger picked a gothic textual style for the metallic 10 to Ace images while catalytic roused things make up the highs. The four charges incorporate a metallic Caduceus wrapped key, material, skulls, and a scale weighing out the rich stuff. Qualities are okay, with five of a sort charges going from 5x to 15x the wager.

Aurum Codex: Features

The highlights in Aurum Codex rotate around wilds in both the base game just as in free twists. It begins with Alchemy Wilds which land on the first and fifth reels just, filling in for any compensation image. At the point when an Alchemy Wild grounds, it is secured position for the following twist.

On the off chance that 2 Alchemy Wilds show up on a similar line, they change the entirety of the images in the middle of them into Golden Wilds. Brilliant Wilds substitute for paying images and furthermore have a worth by their own doing. Lines of Alchemy/Golden Wilds are worth multiple times the stake.

Post for the disperse image – 3 of them showing up on the three center reels trigger 10 free twists. Before the reward is played, an hourglass may go arbitrarily to add 5 all the more free twists. It can even turn one more time, granting a sum of 20 free twists. During the extra, players profit by Alchemy Wilds remaining secured position for the term of the component instead of just for the following twist.

Aurum Codex: Verdict

Aurum Codex is a game that establishes a decent first connection yet wastes the altruism rather rapidly. You once in a while hear the odd protest about battling to trigger the reward game in a Red Tiger opening. All things considered, purchaser be careful, on the grounds that Aurum Codex was difficult to break. From the start, the stand by wasn’t really awful. A couple of good successes, helped by the wild highlights, implied energy was enjoying some real success. The foundation area felt like a lux climate to turn in and the baffling vibe was well captivating.

What felt like a long period of twists later, without a trace of the reward game, Aurum Codex began to melt away. The game isn’t helped by the wearisome soundtrack, what begins promisingly, however winds up going around and around like a wash cycle, sort of an allegory for the entire game. Aurum Codex gradually spellbinds you into a somnambulist state where nothing else exists aside from hitting the darn reward game.

Obviously, tear open free twists and it’s an alternate story. Tacky wilds frequently function admirably and Aurum Codex is no exemption. It’s not actually a huge paying opening albeit expected successes of up to multiple times the stake are a long way from being a horrible result.

Aurum Codex is another expertly planned opening having the upsides and downsides that occasionally emerge in a Red Tiger item. Specifically, incredible illustrations, loads of profundity outwardly, yet paper-flimsy with regards to a large part of the rest. The ongoing interaction is a good time for some time when the wilds are doing their thing, however it gets dreary quick. The reward game is fair, yet in case you’re playing through a period when the game’s not in the mind-set, free twists feel like middle age speculative chemistry – a pipedream.


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