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Put on a wizard or witch hat and mix some reagents in malaysia slot Red Tiger to create a magically themed slot Beriched. It’s more than a metaphor. Beriched is a magically themed slot. It’s all about landing certain symbols on reels to make them wild.

Although it sounds great, it can sometimes feel like Red Tiger forgot a key ingredient while brewing Beriched. So they had to replace it with whatever herbs they had on hand. Although Beriched does occasionally have a magical moment, it is often a frustrating experience that outweighs any enjoyment.

Beriched, which is set in a castle-like setting, offers 20 fixed ways to win. It uses a 5-reel and 4-row game panel. The room and reel set are lit by stacks of waxy candles, which create a cozy atmosphere, but not too much twitchiness. The music was carefully chosen to compliment the visuals. It is pleasant without being too special. It’s basically a room made of stone with candles and green goop.

Matching tiles landing left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left side the panel, will result in wins. Red Tiger has increased the stakes from the original 10p/c for lower rollers to the maximum of PS/EUR40 per spin. This is a very modest potential. Volatility is high, with a default theoretical return value of 95.78% for players.

Beriched symbols are not just for creating winning lines. You can also mix them to create recipes. We’ll show you how. We’ll start with 10 regular pay. Five are low-paying 10-A cards, and five are picture premiums. Dolls, potion bottles and spell books are some of the highest-value symbols. Players will receive a reward of 2-10 times their stake if a five-premium symbol win line hits.

Beriched: Slot Features

Two main features of Beriched are free spins and recipes. A random set of symbols appears below the grid at the beginning of each spin – one symbol under each reel. This is known as the recipe. The Symbol Lock mechanic is activated when you land a symbol that matches the one below it on a reel.

These matching symbols will be locked for one spin. If there are any new matches on the next spin, they will be locked and retrigger Symbol Lock. All locked symbols that are not matched during a sequence will be unlocked if they do not land.

The recipe is complete if you match at least one symbol across all five reels. The recipe pattern is then removed and all matching symbols become wild for the next spin. A new recipe pattern will be displayed on the next spin after the win evaluation. This is the only way wild symbols can appear in the game. A line of them is worth fifteen times the stake.

Three scatter symbols landing on reels 1 through 3 and 5 will award you 10 free spins. The bonus round continues with the same recipe, except that the free spins feature the recipe being transferred over. All locked paying symbols that were triggered by the bonus round turn into wilds after the first spin. After this, win lines will be paid out. The wilds will transfer to free spins if the recipe is completed on the same spin that the bonus round is activated. Any additional matching symbols that land in the bonus round immediately become wild. Wilds remain in place for the duration of bonus rounds. Free spins are not triggered by scatters.

Beriched: Slot Verdict

Red Tiger has returned to Beriched, after surprising us with its pop-culture spectacle of NFT Megaways . It was like the studio stretched, showed everyone that they can be creative, and then returned to neutral to coast for a while. Beriched is recognizable as a Red Tiger. It has pretty graphics, a clinking golden payline, and an innovative feature. All in all Beriched works well, but there is very little or no wow factor. The Recipe Feature shines when there are a lot of wilds in the panel. However, it can really fizzle when it isn’t working out.

Beriched is a game that feels right after a while. This allows the team to explore other options and frees them up to play other games. Although the Recipe feature is free to use in base games, it can cause real problems. The problem is that everything seems to get in your way unless you complete the Recipe feature. Pay symbols that stick to only one reel or more are very adept at stopping any other events.

A sequence of spins can cause matching symbols to fill up multiple reels. However, because they are different, they make it difficult to link wins. You may be able to complete the recipe and make them wild. They often get in the way of each other. Free spins, as the name implies, are when the brew begins to bubble. Matching symbols turn wild instead of blocking each other. Although back-to-back wins can be possible with sticky wilds, the stake is only 2754.

Combine all the pieces and Beriched was a disappointing game. The free spins with sticky wilds were a highlight. However, for most of the game, the negatives outweighed the benefits. Some people might find Beriched more like a parlour trick than David Copperfield flying above the Grand Canyon.


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