Sports bet is pretty common in our society. There are a lot of sports that are incorporated with bet and gambling. Maybe football is the most famous amongst all, but in fact, there are quite a lot of sports that quite popular amongst the bettor. There are a lot of people who also enjoy other sports betting such as badminton betting, golf betting, tennis betting, etc.  But perhaps, football betting or soccer betting is the most common and popular betting in our country. But that fact did not make any other sports bet available less interesting.

Most of the people who involved and interested in sports betting usually love sports before the bet. Which means, they enjoy the sports and in some point of their journey as a fan they found out about the betting opportunity. But to make it clear, not all sports enthusiasts into betting. There are also many of them who enjoy sports and didn’t care at all about all the bet etc.

So if you asked us about the best sports to bet on, the answer could differ and biased. Mostly because when it comes to “the best”, there are a lot of factors that will affect the valuation. Each sport has its own value for their fans. But if the question is the best sports to bet on to make money, we might have some suggestions.

Football Betting Is The One With The Higher Chance

As we mentioned before, football betting is one of the most popular sports bet right now. The reason is not solely because football is a sport that reached every single corner on the earth, but because there is a lot of chances in a football bet.

Just like any other sports in the world, football is a sport with a lot of uncertainty. And the result for each game could be affected by hundreds of different factors. The players, the field, the opponent, the weather, the referee, etc. But still, football bet is the most popular and common thing in our society.

Football bet has various branches and types. Which means, your bet is not only about who’s gonna win or lose, or the final score of a match. You could bet whether the teams will be scores in the first half or the second half, and that’s what we called over 0,5 goals or under 0,5 goals. And many others.

So sports betting Malaysia could say, football bet is the best sports bet to bet on to make money because there are so many types. Not to mention the fact football is running for a whole year with hundreds of league to bet on, make your chance to win some even higher.


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