Racism happened all over the world. In point of fact, racial abuse happened a lot in football, even though football should be fair games with fun and equity and without discrimination. But that’s not what really happened in the pitch. Footballers all over the world reportedly have received abusive treatment from time to time. This lethal problem likely cannot be handled by the authority to this date.
Just within this month, we’ve heard so many reports about players receiving an abusive treatment in the pitch or in the social media. Even though the perpetrators likely to always had their punishment, the incident repeated almost every weeks and it hurts. And it seems the punishment is not severe enough to make all the perpetrators stop doing the abusive treatment toward footballers. There are so many players who have spoken up about this issue. They’re all agreed, there is no place for racism in football.
Recently Hannover player Chris Gloster was reported received abusive treatment by Vfb Lubeck supporters while playing for his team last week. The United States youth is suffering a huge pain because of that incident.
Hannover has made an official statement about the incident on its website. They have reported the alleged abuse to the Northern German FA. The Hannover’s head of the academy, Michael Tarnat said the VfB Lubeck fans’ behavior had exceeded tolerable limits.

Christ Gloster Sat In The Dressing Room With Tears

The 18-year-old player was subjected to monkey chants and other verbal abuse by members of the 200 traveling Lubeck supporters. Following the incident, the youngster is reportedly has sat in the dressing room with tears in his eyes. He states he couldn’t believe what just happened. He is indeed felt insulted severely and continually during the match. But thankfully he had so much support from his teammates and even the opposite team players.
Even so, a young lad like him cannot just swallow it like that. It exceeded tolerable limits and Hannover’s decision to report the incident to FA is indeed the right move.
Christ Gloster, in an interview, said he doesn’t know how to react because it was his first experience. But the treatment will certainly leave a scar on his heart. He received support during and after the match and perhaps that’s enough to make him a lot stronger than he is before.
Last month, Germany internationals Leroy Sane and Ilkay Gundogan were reportedly racially abused by a number of supporters during their nation’s friendly against Serbia in Wolfsburg. As slot machine Malaysia mentioned before, it happened a lot recently. Premier League also faced the same problems as players treated badly in the pitch and social media platform so often in this season.


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