Even to this day racism in football hasn’t been completely overcome by the authority. There have been so many actions has taken to suppress racialism, but it hasn’t completely disappeared. r has recently struck Inter Milan new player, Romelu Lukaku.

Romelu Lukaku whose just joined Inter Milan from Manchester United in this summer transfer market. And now the Belgian player should think about leaving Inter Milan less than a month after his arrival. To make things worse, a group of his own fans defended the racial abuse he suffered at Cagliari. They said the monkey chants hurled at Romelu Lukaku was not racist.

On their statements, they said Italy is not like many other north European countries where racism is a real problem. They claim fans across the nation abuse black players as a way to help their teams and try to make opponents nervous. They insist what happened at that match was not racism and the act not for racism. To make things even miserable, they claim they weren’t racist and so are not Cagliari fans, for hurling monkey chants toward Romelu Lukaku.

Racism Is Not A Joke

Clinton Morrison, football pundit reacted to the open letter with outrage and disgust. He even said that Romelu Lukaku should consider leaving Serie A for that issue. He thinks Inter Milan fans are basically sating it’s acceptable to be racist in Italy, which is not true. Other than that, he urged all black footballers to think twice before moving to Italian football.

He told online gambling Malaysia what was Inter Milan’s fans said to Romelu Lukaku in that open letter was embarrassing. And if he was Romelu Lukaku he would massively think about staying in Italy if his own fans are going to say that. He also realizes Romelu Lukaku just made that big-money move by moving to Inter Milan this summer, but Clinton Morisson believes Romelu Lukaku shouldn’t treat like that.