Even the greatest striker in the world go through lulls in goal-scoring form. It’s pretty normal. Most of the world-class striker had passed through that dull period. But, as time goes by, the goal might come back.

There are a lot of names who were struggling. Fernando Torres is one of them. Having scored 72 goals in his first three seasons at Liverpool, he had found the net just once in the first 10 games of what would turn out to be his final half-season at Anfield in 2010-2011. At last, he signed for Chelsea who paid 50 million euros in that January. But his form fell even further. But the form of strikers is one of football’s most delicate and crucial balances and anything is worth trying in an attempt to get it back.

Fernando Torres is not alone. There is Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United‘s expensive forward and owner of two significant scoring droughts this season. He even going through six weeks without a single goal.

We also have Shane Long of Southampton. He’s scored in back to back games to snap a run that saw him score just three times in the Premier League since February of 2017. That’s a very long time. Or Luis Suarez, who just scored a single goal in his last 20 Champions League matches.

Every Striker Who Out Of Form Will Do What They Can Stop That From Keep Happening

Most of the times the bad times will pass and the goal will flow once more time. But in truth, some strikers never recover from a period of that bad form, and it’s quite often they lost the confidence

Alan Smith is one of them. The former Arsenal striker who won the Golden Boon in 1989 and 1991. had through a bad form of a striker right after his two consecutive Golden Boot. By the time 1992 he was struck in a rut, he would never really recover from.

A collapse in form can be triggered by anything or nothing. But in Alan Smith’s case, it was triggered by the arrival of fellow striker Ian Wright, who changed the way The Gunners played away from the structured type that Alan Smith’s thrived in.

As you know a goal scorer’s job is to be the man whom everyone looks to win the game. So when that role is altered it can have a calamitous impact. And at the time the form has disappeared and confidence is low, the cycle becomes self-perpetuating.

And the key point of all of that is, a player will stop taking up the positions because they think they will miss, but not taking up the positions virtually eliminates the possibility of scoring and thus regaining confidence.

But this isn’t something to be mocked off. For a striker out of form, football is not just their job but maybe their passion. And when the bad period comes, mobile slot game Malaysia is certain that they are just looking for a way to stop that from keep happening.



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