Ole Gunnar Solksjer has already set his target for Manchester United. He is committed to revamp and rebuild The Red Devils squad to become stronger for the next season campaign. He also insists that he will do anything necessary for his purpose, including selling anyone on the team that hasn’t live up to his standard. The Norwegian manager even threatened his player that he will cut them off the team if they didn’t get into their peak condition for the new season.

The former Manchester United player was left dismayed by his squad’s lack of fitness during a miserable final few months of the season and he has placed them all on personal fitness regimes for the next six weeks. He has ordered all of his out of shape player to return to pre-season training ahead of schedule. He also vows to sell any member of the team who returns unfit on July 1.

A reliable source also told online casino Malaysia that Ole Gunnar Solksjaer was genuinely shocked at how unfit some of them were for top-level professional athletes. But we realize he couldn’t do too much about this during the second half of the season. He appointed as The Red Devils caretaker last December after the club fires their previous manager, Jose Mourinho who couldn’t reach their expectation. Just about a couple of months ago, the club decided to promote Ole Gunnar Solksjaer as the head manager following his impressive start at The Old Trafford.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer Now Have Full Control in The Squad

He couldn’t do much because he came in the middle of the campaign, but he will have a full season next term so he committed to rebuilding the squad and regaining their glory times. He would do anything including selling all of his top players even if they don’t match his criteria and standard.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer is not messing about so the players have told to work on their fitness during the close season and those who look like they’ve ignored him will be axed. He indeed already put several players on the next transfer market.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer won 10 of his first 11 games in charge at Old Trafford, but Manchester United’s form dramatically dipped after the initial upturn in results.

The Red Devils side won just two of their last 10 Premier League matches, and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer blames a lack of fitness for the disastrous tail off at the end of the campaign. They failed to secure the top fourth position at the Premier League standings, therefore they failed to get one ticket to play in Champions League for the next season.