Five TIps For Winning On The SIC BO Of Dice

In online live casino malaysia, the size of the dice is a very popular Bo game, it is also called the size of the child. Dice size of the game is very simple, shake dice by the officer, the guest to their own judgment to pressure the size and points, if the pressure on you can win money.Of course, the odds of pressing the number of points to be higher. Below, this article will give a big introduction to play dice size game winning skills in casino malaysia.

1, you can earn game size should be intended to play other cast on the desktop, because the more people involved in the more investment projects, the officer on the contractility will become very small, the probability of playing to win will become relatively large.So not many people at the table is better not to play.

2, after choosing a table with many people, it should analyze how much money, the size of the dice are the first rocker after buying a set off the hand and then open the Cup, this time if you can touch the mind of the officer, winning is an easy thing. Officials will generally play according to all the circumstances to choose the most favorable choice for the field.The general size is 1 lose 1, the amount is not large, mainly to see the stake points odds, for example, you notice a lot of people bet large, but also bet high odds of large points, according to the claims principle, we naturally want to under a relatively small and small points of small odds, the win surface yield will be greater than 0.

3, just leave.Winning time to calm down, one can not add two to master the table table time.Play a 1-2 hours or so almost, before you are not pegged to eat, quickly get out of here.

4, the next time to grasp. Because the officer and you are also looking at the table, he is also in the analysis, when he will have a certain Open Cup, this time we will have the last moment!Down to the size he wants to open!

5, Take hawker exploration Meet a generous shot when the deal or no deal, we do not play the first few, the first observation officer’s reaction, generally let it win a few small, and then let it lose to the pain, and so on to see the hawker began to lose, quickly he bought large, we must buy small.This time down to be fast.

The above is to play the dice size game winning skills in casino malaysia, through the above game skills, I believe you can get a greater chance of making money in the dice size game.Of course, in the above skills, the most important thing is to leave, if you can not control their greed, it is likely to lead to their final loss.


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