Arsenal has just suffered a miserable defeat over Chelsea in the Europa League final. They failed to claim the Europa League title after a 4-1 defeat in Baku. The result turned out to have a major impact on The Gunners squad, including players that no longer wants to play under Unai Emery supervision. Granit Xhaka is one of them.

The Arsenal star player is reported to refused to back Unai Emery after their misery defeat. He claims he didn’t know if their side had progressed under the Spaniard manager for the past season.   Pretty harsh isn’t?

But their defeat over Chelsea’s ensured Unai Emery finished his debut campaign at the Emirates Stadium without a trophy. Furthermore, Arsenal will play a third consecutive season in the Europa League next term.

Other than that, the defeat means Unai Emery’s budget for players hunting will be around 45 million pounds this summer transfer window. The manager also admits that several first-team stars could leave the club as a consequence. Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal manager who leaves the club about a year ago, faced constant questions on his future towards the end of his reign. And now, end-of-season collapse under Unai Emery was reminiscent of the form they showed under the French manager for the past 21-year spell.

Unai Emery Just Sat On The Dressing Room In Silent

And in a damning assessment of Unai Emery’s first year in charge of The Gunners squad, Granit Xhaka refused to say whether he felt their side had improved under the former Paris Saint Germain’s manager.

He also said that he is not sure whether Unai Emery had taken the club forward. He’s not sure about that and he thinks he’s not the right person to give anyone answer about that.

The fact is, Unai Emery had won all three of his previous Europa League finals before joining Arsenal last summer. It seems the manager feels frustrated after he failed to win his fourth Europa League final.

Granit Xhaka also told football betting Malaysia his manager didn’t say anything in the dressing room and just sat with the squad in silence following their defeat at that moment. He claims, at that time, all of Arsenal players, and even the manager is remain silent on the dressing room. He also said he’s not entirely sure why Unai Emery did not say anything about the match. But he’s pretty sure the manager is disappointed by the result.