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Novice Texas Hold’em players just on the table are often at a loss, curious and prim about everything on the table.The most embarrassing is that some sharks talk about broad theory at the table,a variety of jargon eloquent, adorable new people can only look ignorant than, try to keep a smile.

In fact, the learner can only say, you adorable new or pattern Tucson broken, you think these spiel game player must be a master?

In fact, it only takes 5 minutes, you can put a new package into a adorable German flutter“master”. How about cool? do you want to learn?

First of all, to remind you, Texas Hold’em English is: Texas Hold’em, writing more special, meet foreigners don’t forget how to say Oh. Then we generally play a cash game (cash game) and tournament (MTT) points, in addition to a single table tournament (SNG) and the like. You have to know what you’re playing before you play cards, right?…..

Next we talk about the basic situation of the hand: you play any hand,the first thing to know is the specifications of the hand,which is the big blind (Big Blind, referred to as BB) and small Blind (Small Blind, referred to as……).In general, most of the game player will say 1/2 Ah, 5/10 ah, are on behalf of the small blind / big blind.Sometimes there are some special cards before the note (ante), which means that each player has to pay the cost, generally used for example in the form of 1/2/4 instead,this example refers to the former note 1, 2 small blind, big blind 4 cases.

Well, after entering the hand, we want to observe the position of each person,in addition to the size of the blind position, there are village position (Dealer, also known as button position, Button, referred to as Btn), off evil position (Cut Off, referred to as CO), median (Middle Position, referred to as MP), muzzle position (Under the Gun, referred to as UTG) and so on.

After getting the hand card, you have to know what kind of hand you have, generally divided pocket pair (Pocket Pair, such as AA, KK), two high Zhang (Over Cards, such as AK, QT), the same color card (Suited Cards, AK the same color is AKs), even Zhang (Connected Cards, such as 89) and so on.

After it comes to playing cards, Texas Hold’em has four rounds, commonly known as four streets, namely per-flop (Pref lop), flop (Flop), Turn (Turn), River (River).

Before the flop, we can do the action with a flat (limp), raise (Raise, the first raise, also known as open raise, Open), Call (Call), the second raise (3bet, then and so on as 4bet, 5bet, etc.), check (Check, before the flop only the big blind may be able to check), fold (Fold).The more special is squeeze (Squeeze), refers to the re-raise in the case of a raise and there is another opponent to participate (whether it is a call or a second raise).

After the flop, there is a bet (Bet) and continuous bet (Cbet, pre-flop raise continues to bet wclub365), of course, there are still fold, call, check, re raise and so on. At this time also derived the concept of pot (Pot). In addition to an exciting word ALL IN (also known as Shove), but we should use it with caution. When we hold a good hand when the bet is called Value Bet (Value Bet), bad hand is called bluff (Bluff).

Finally, mention some special card face, if the flop three different suits, we call the rainbow face (Rainbow); anyway, if it is three of the same suit is called smallpox face.And if the flop has such a pair of cards such as ATT face, we call the male opposite. In addition to the so-called wet surface and dry surface, these two concepts are slightly complex, we will introduce in detail later. And concepts such as GTO, balance, two-level differentiation, scope are not clear in one article, and we will explain them separately later.

Online poker tips 5/10 of the 6 table cash game, I (Hero) in the button to get 9Ts, the opponent (Villain) in UTG public raise 3 BB, Hero call, others fold, effective chips 100bb. FlopK78, two s, the opponent continued to bet 75%of the pot, Hero here flower shun double pull, anti-plus 3 times, the opponent allin, Hero call. RIVER hits a 6, opponent AK,Hero takes the pot.