Great Rhino Deluxe Pragmatic Play Slot Game

Let’s go to distant African lands! Great Rhino Deluxe is a new slot machine offered by Pragmatic Play with classic 5×3 roulette and 20 Championship lines.The game is the third game in the big rhino series and does not recognize previous versions such as big rhino and big rhino Mega ways.

The visuals and soundtrack bring a real Safari feel to the big rhino luxury station wagon.To get really vivid emotions, unlock a free spin that contains all the rhino symbols that will be released to the reels during the last spin. Get at least two piles of rhino symbols and get ready to play 3 Respins,which can bring you closer to betting 500 times the big jackpot.

What are the features of big rhino Deluxe?

The main features of big rhino Deluxe Edition are free spins and super spins features.The way to unleash the potential of the game is to land the scatter symbol on the reels, which can make 10 free spins. All rhinos dropped during the free spin will be collected to fall on the reels during the last spin.Even if you do not get the expected good color during the free spins, you will not be disappointed thanks to the use of this feature.

When two folded rhino drums spin in a circle, a Super Spin is triggered. During the re-spin, only the rhino symbol will appear,and any new symbol that falls will add another 1 re-spin.

To make your Safari successful, collect 14 rhinos before the end of the turn and you will get a jackpot of 375x your bet, while collect 15 rhinos and you will get a jackpot of 500X your bet.

Where to play big rhino Deluxe Edition?

If you want fun games from software provider Pragmatic Play, then we will point you in the right direction online slot game malaysia. If you want to start playing for real money right away, this is perfect for you.We scan all casinos every day so you will get a complete overview of all the top casinos in which you can play this game with good bonus offers. Just click on the link at the top of this page and you can immediately choose where to play Great Rhino Deluxe for Real Money.

If you’re not 100% unsure of which game to play, there’s no need to risk it.Just because”big rhino Deluxe Edition ” is so popular, doesn’t mean you’ll like it. Each player has their own preferences,but the good news is that you can always check out the free game demo first. Just click on the link at the top of this review and you can start your free trial of Great Rhino Deluxe now.

Before you start experiencing Great Rhino Deluxe, you may find it helpful to know about our first 200 spins. We always test the game we look at in this way, because even if the results are reasonably relative and far from statistically average, this is enough to give you a preliminary idea of the expected results. You can see our gaming experience in the video in the gallery or in the YouTube channel.

We first set the total bet to $ 2 and enabled the auto spin feature for the first 100 spins.In this case, we always prefer this way, because by tracking 200 spin sessions it is easier to calculate how much we will win in the total bet. As expected by this high volatility slot machine, we have a lot of dead ends and smaller wins throughout the session, 3x or 4x wins, respectively. In addition, in the first 100 spins, we get 10 free spins and get a 40x reward.You can check by playing a video of 1 minute and 20 seconds.

The last 100 spins were also very successful.We offer a bonus game for remake games that you can check for yourself. We can say that we reached the jackpot of Rm20k. We recommend that you try to play it yourself,because our gaming experience is highly personalized and subjective, so very lucky.