Great Rhino Megaways Pragmatic Play Slot Game

The Megaways engine has been spreading like wildfire since its inception, and Great Rhino Megaways is the first slot machine for Pragmatic Plays, taking advantage of the license they got from Big Time Gaming. It’s always exciting when new developers decide to take the road, especially when we talk about well-known companies like Pragmatic Play. The big question is; Are they safe when they debut, or are they adopting some crazy innovations?

Don’t worry, we’ll deal with all the juicy stuff as soon as possible, but let’s start with some basics.First, Pragmatic has decided to inject a large steroid beer, the“big rhino”, into its old slot. The visuals have improved and the first 20 paylines have expanded to 200,704 potential ways to win monsters.You have 6 regular reels,2-7 regular rows and a horizontal top reel that adds an extra row for 2 to 5 reels.

In the game’s most important free spins game, the Great Plains of Africa in the background will be transformed into“Night Mode”, which is actually the only bonus feature to talk about here. You can turn on the Ante Bet feature,which we recommend as it doubles the chances of triggering a bonus round. You can set bets between 20p and £ 100 per spin on all platforms and devices, which is unusually high for big games.This allows for huge wins on highly volatile slot machines with a maximum win potential of 20,000 X Big rhinoceros.

What symbols are there?

So far, the cheetah is the Alpha on that pay table, as all other animals are far from paying.In fact, the gorilla’s salary is 10 times lower,and he is the symbol of the second highest salary here. You’ll also find some other animal symbols that pay about the same amount, as well as regular low-value royal symbols. You need 3 to 6 matching symbols to win, in addition to Cheetah also pay 2 on the pay line. This is the pay table for the great Rhino Megaways slot machine:

Cheetah-pay 6 times the total share capital on the pay line 50
Gorilla-pay 6 times the total principal on the pay line 5 times
Crocodile-pay 6 times the total principal on the pay line 2.5
Hyena-pay 6 times the total principal on the pay line 2
Flamingo-pay 1.5 times the total principal of 6 on the pay line
Royal symbol-pay 1.5 times to 1 times 6 on the pay line

What are the bonus features?

After each win, you will trigger the “roll” mechanism,which is very common in Megaways Engine games (also known as the“Cascade scrolled”or“avalanche”feature). It helps you get more winners with each spin as the winner symbol is removed to make room for new symbols falling from above.

The process continues as long as you keep winning and you will also benefit from a wild symbol depicting a stamped rhino with golden horns.However, the wild symbol will only fall on 2 to 5 sets on the first line and it will intervene in all regular symbols to help you form a winning combination.

You can choose to activate an Ante Bet function, which is located on the left side of the shaft. It will slightly increase your minimum bet,but in return you will organically double your chances of triggering the game’s most important free spins for extra bonus rounds.

Big rhino Highway free spins

Since there are no other kinds of bonus games here, the main feature is undoubtedly free spins. You need to land at least 3 big rhino gold scatters on the same spin to trigger the free spins feature. You can then choose fate based on the number of spins you want and the starting point of the corresponding progressive multiplier All work is as follows:

15 spins, the progressive multiplier starts at 1x.
10 spins, the progressive multiplier starts at 5 times.
5 spins, the progressive multiplier starts at 10 times.

Mystery choice:gives you a random number of spins and combines 1 of the above 3 multipliers. The progressive multiplier will increase by 1 times each time you roll/win, and the good news is that it will not reset with losing spins.Also, there is no upper or upper limit for this multiplier, which means things get interesting here.You can also get extra free spins by landing more than 3 scatters during the feature, which gives you 5 new spins, and there is no limit on how many new spins you can get.

How to play

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to activate the“previous Note”option. If you play at£1 per spin, it will only cost more than 25p, so it’s worth considering because triggering a bonus round is critical for a big win here. In fact, in such a cheap situation, we do not see any reason not to activate ante Bet.

The next thing you need to do is select your bet level, which ranges from 20p to £ 100 (or from 25p to £ 125 with the“bet”option enabled).This is a very reliable bet level for Megaways Engine games, as most games have a maximum bet of £ 20 or less.We are excited to see Pragmatic Play decide to end this trend and provide enough space for high stakes to indulge.


With up to 200,704 ways to win, this beauty offers more ways to win than many similar games,which is always exciting(although it feels a bit like a waste in the base game,you’ll win a little anyway). In addition to the 6 regular rollers,there is a top horizontal roller, roll roller function is to bring most of the action elements of the base game.

If you want to speed it up, you can use the quick spin feature,which pops up automatically if you press the spin button a little. You can also use the space bar to rotate,which is useful for desktop players who want to avoid mouse cantilever. Of course, you can a lso use the auto spin feature,which can make up to 100 auto spins and many options when the auto spin is stopped.

Where to play Great Rhino Megaways?

Perhaps you have longed to turn this beauty in a circle or ten laps? Do not worry,we are here to provide you with all the required options.You can play and win Real Money in one of our malaysia online casino slot game , or you can test the demo version of the game on our website wclub365.