Today I’d like to introduce you to a young man Alan.

Guy from malaysia , is a true lone ranger, opened a company with only four employees, flew around the world to rob casino slot machines, can earn $ 250,000 a week

Alan is a mathematician, but he believes that the smart brain should do the job of making money, not willing to be a mediocre person, he became a “freelance hacker”, that is, blind

Alan first single slot machine business was 10 years ago, when a malaysia casino, invited him to modify the slot machine settings, these Australian production machines, factory set the odds of winning or losing, basically every swallow 90 dollars, spit 10 dollars, the casino want to retain guests, let alan set instead, every swallow 50 dollars, spit 10 dollars, the casino want to retain guests.

This probability problem is simple to say, but the actual design requires a strong mathematical skills, the use of reverse engineering algorithms, write pseudo-random number producer, Alan while learning while writing while pondering, addicted to learning,can not extricate themselves, after doing this single and then self-study for 6 months, and constantly improve the program,and finally come up with a

In 2008, Alan recruited several employees to set up the company, began to rob the major 918kiss casino malaysia, their operation is this: a person into the casino, disguised as a serious player, with a mobile phone secretly shoot small video, record the process of playing slot machines, small video back to the company, calculate the time slot machine spit money, the company

Every employee goes out to work, his family will get legal financial assistance, soon, malaysia casinos were played over and over, they went to the United States, Singapore to make money, Alan confidently said “The casino and I do the same thing, just the casino money from your pocket, I pay from the pocket of the casino, which is always winning casino is an ecological balance.”

He believes that those who lose to bankrupt fools, is to pay IQ tax to the casino“ ” gambling is a probability problem, you have the ability to use technology to help calculate improve the win rate,why use the brain and machine confrontation?””

However, often walking by the river, which can not wet shoes,in 2014, his four employees scurrying in several states in the United States, was federally charged with fraud, in Mississippi, the United States, one of his Kazakh employees was arrested, and the FBI cooperation gave up other teammates, colleagues of the other three Russians refused to plead guilty, eventually sentenced to short-term detention

In 2016, his Czech employee was arrested in Singapore, giving up two other malaysia associates to the government and leaking the way the company operates

Alan realized that the business wasn’t long,and he decided to make money another way

When he rolled all over the world slot machine, found an Australian company’s machine is particularly easy to make money,so he wrote a letter to the head of the company, said he can help the factory repair slot machine, especially those vulnerable parts, cunning, he did not say how much to pay for this enthusiastic help,but left an ambiguous sentence

“This difficult decision to cut off the biggest piece of cake in my business”

At the end of the letter, Alan also threatened the company“if you ignore this letter, then I will put your slot machine loophole, tell your competitors, publish the loophole on the internet”

To prove his strength as a mathematician, Alan also left a reverse engineering algorithm,everything is ready, just waiting for the money

However, the company boss did not take the bait,replied

“We do not need to pay for your information, because the company can improve their own machines,we are very satisfied with the company’s current speed of improvement.”

Is Australia live for half a century old, the company’s gambling machine is a government review, these hackers are easy to find loopholes,for the company, the loophole is not terrible, their machines are in a reasonable place,under the standards set by the government Production,government support,emboldened

It’s gambling. doesn’t the government care?You know, the slot machine was born 100 years ago, is still the casino’s cash cattle, Macau gaming industry all the way down, but 18 days, Macau slots net $ 600 million, in the United States, the most popular slot machines, accounting for 70% of the casino’s income, Texas, slot machines pay $ 100 million a year to the government tax, Australia has about 197,000

Later, under the severe pressure of the government, high IQ mathematician Alan cornered,c an only sell their painstaking development for many years of slot machine cheating system, and in an interview with reporters, he said piquantly:

“If I make this system public, it will subvert the entire slot machine industry”

But so what?Now play slot machine has been developed to online, online input slot machine, jump out of all free online play slot machine just find a link point in, will use JPG fake operation,you can guide to real money to spend money gambling sites,sites will be intimate to automatically switch the Chinese page

As a serious business of international fan children, bosses will use big data to analyze the behavior of tourists in all aspects of eating, drinking, eating, eating, living and playing, to provide better services, to attract more tourists, powerful, willing to bow down

Gamblers, casinos, the gaming industry, the government, and hackers in the cracks all want to make a big profit on a small slot machine. What is the most lucrative machine in the world? It’s a greedy heart.