Local time in Friday afternoon’s warm-up match, the Tottenham Hotspur at home 1 than 2 negative in the Premier League bottom Ivanovich.

The game is divided into four sections for 30 minutes each.In the 24th minute of the first quarter, Lamela took the lead in the heat to pierce the door,he will pass the ball to the top of the ball into the net nest.In the second and third quarters, Tottenham’s Kane, Oriya and Lamera have repeatedly won but failed to take the chance.In the fourth quarter, Mourinho replaced several players,and in the last 10 minutes by Norwich scored two goals.

Tottenham captain Harry Kane is back for the first time after his injury, and he did not have repeated injuries after the game, which is good news for Mourinho and mobile slot game malaysia website.In addition, the long-injured Harry Kane and Belwin, also participated in the game.

On June 19, the Premier League restart, Tottenham will be at home against Manchester United.