There are always players that are so overrated and their performance is highly anticipated. Some of them shine bright like a diamond for their entire career, but the others turn out to flop can can’t even get near the expectation. As well as the overrated players, football also has so many underrated players all over the world. They are indeed very good, but somehow they’re not noticeable by the media, for so many reasons. Son Heung Min is one of them. Everyone admits that he’s a good player, but at the same time, there is not much publication about what he’s been doing so far even though his statistic indeed very impressive. When we talked about Tottenham Hotspur’s most reliable players, most of the times, people will mention Harry Kane or Moussa Sissoko. Those two are widely known with their remarkable contribution for The Lilywhites. Harry Kane is also one of the best English players nowadays as he’s managed to listed as top scorer in the Premier League for the past years. But in fact, Tottenham Hotspur also has another amazing player that is so underrated even though his contributions and statistic is no joke.

Over two legs against Manchester City in the quarterfinal of the UEFA Champions League, Son Heung Min gave a performance that perfectly summarizes his entire season. If there was a defining moment for what Son Heung Min did against Manchester City, it came with the first of his three goals in the tie. The South Korean player ability to find space in the most congested areas, his speed to the loose ball, his persistence in regaining possession, his sleigh of the foot to elude defenders, and his ruthlessness in finishing, is indeed defining an attacker’s finest qualities.

But yet he seems to un-noticed. He is rarely linked to other major clubs. Perhaps it because he appears to be so happy the White Hart Lane so other clubs won’t bother to inquire.

Son Heung Is Min Even Better

As a prove, slot machine Malaysia made a comparison between Son Heung Min and Raheem Sterling in statistics. As we all know, Raheem Sterling is one of the most stands out players in Premier League. But soon you’ll found out Son Heung Min is better in many ways.

Son Heung Min scores more Premier League goals per 90 minutes than the Manchester City’s player. Son Heung Min scores every 0,7 match while Raheem Sterling scores for every 0,62 match. Other than that, Son Heung Min has 20 goals in 41 games and Raheem Sterling collects 21 in 43. They also have similar records for theirs. Raheem Sterling has 63 goals in 182 matches meanwhile Son Heung Min has 67 goals in 180 matches. That’s a real prove of how extraordinary Son Heung Min is.

But yet he seems un-noticed all this time. Probably the main reason is the fact that he’s not an Englishman and the media likely has less interest in him. He’s just not the media darling of English News or even Europe.


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