Hugo Lloris joined Tottenham Hotspur at summer 2012 and since he has made over 300 appearances with the club. And since summer 2015 he named by Tottenham Hotspur manager, Mauricio Pochettino, as Tottenham Hotspur permanent captain.

Even though his time with Tottenham Hotspur is pretty good and they’ve achieved so much in the past years, Hugo Lloris admitted he is not expecting to finish his professional career at the club. He also indicated that he has opened the door to a potential move to Major League Soccer in The United States of America.

As far as football betting Malaysia knows, the 32-year-old player has three years left on his current deal with Tottenham Hotspur. And this summer he has just started his seventh season with the north London club. However, the Frenchman revealed to the media recently he does not expect to retire at Tottenham Hotspurs and is open to a move to the United States.

MLS in The United States Might Be The Best Option For Hugo Lloris

He explained his statement by saying he still has a few years ahead and in any case, he will do everything to make the most of it. He also said that as a footballer he has to know when to say stop at the right time. But he also not against the idea of discovering something new. And when he mentioned something new, it could be the United States. He himself is not sure about the future and he knows he’s the type of person who always had trouble looking in the medium term because he always more focused on the short term.

Even though he has no intention to end his career with the Lilywhites, Hugo Lloris admits he has has a strong relationship with Tottenham Hotspur manager, Mauricio Pochettino. He says the temptation to move on has been easy to resist so far, thanks to Mauricio Pochettino. Talking about his manager, Hugo Lloris described Mauricio Pochettino as the perfect profile for Spurs. Other than that, the Argentinian manager has shown his loyalty to the club and he’s always invested his best for the team and the supporters.


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