Tottenham Hotspur made it to the Champions League final round last season even though they defeated by Liverpool in the end. But being in the Champions League final was a huge achievement for Tottenham Hotspur as that’s the first time ever in the club’s history. However, Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur captain thinks Tottenham Hotspur are still not built to win the Champions League, despite their achievement last season.

The Frenchman told Malaysia online casino no deposit bonus he thinks the challenge for them now is to prove that what they achieved last season was not just one-off. And he believes it is a tough task because they are up against teams with more caliber in the competition. What he meant by saying that is, there are some clubs that have the profile to win the Champions League every season, both historically and with the talent they have in the squad. It’s like they put a stamp on the competition and it seems the competition and the title are meant to them. And Tottenham Hotspur is not one of them.

The Most Important Thing Is To Stay At The Same Level

But what happened last season proved everything is possible if they have the belief, with the right talent, and the discipline. So he challenges his team to be back again to the Premier League. He noticed Tottenham Hotspur have a different profile to the club that he mentioned before like Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Muenchen. By saying that it’s not like his team were lack of ambition. He said when they go on the pitch, they want to win, whoever the opponent is. They don’t want to look to forward,

The fact is, Tottenham Hotspur squad is still full of talents such as Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, Son Heung Min, and Jan Vertonghen. All of the names are reaching the peak of their career and are in their best shape.

Hugo Lloris said that he hopes they could all play their parts to help the team get over the line and win their first trophy since 2008. He also believes when one arrives at a level, the most important thing is to do everything to stay at the same level. Especially the level that they’ve arrived last year as the runner up of the Champions League.