Immortal Romance is one of Microgaming’s most successful slot machines of all time, and even though it was first released in 2011, it is still one of the most popular games for UK players in the casino.Since the game first came out, the combination of romance and vampires has only just begun to pop, which may explain the wide appeal of Immortal Romance.

It’s a video slot with 5 reels and up to 243 paylines that you can play on mobile devices and desktops.Graphically, it’s one of Microgaming’s better games with animated symbols and very nice main characters.Among many players, it has become an avid admirer, in part because you can get a real epic win from this game.

The game features 4 different free spins features,each of which has an alluring supernatural power.In the base game, you can benefit from up to 5 stacked wild reels and win up to 12 150 times your principal in the free spins feature.This is a must for anyone with a romantic heart and a desire to win big.

Immortal Romance RTP, differences and technical data
Before delving into this mysterious game and carefully studying all the interesting features, we think it’s best to provide you with the technical data of the game:

Volatility / variance: high
Layout:5 × 3
Paylines: 243
Bonus features: free spins,scatters and full reel wilds
Bet: 0.3 to 60
Maximum winning money (coins): 3645000
Not only can you win in this game, but the RTP is also well above the average 96%level.The RTP for Immortal Romance is 96.86%, which means that the edge of the house is only 3.14%. “Returning players” is the opposite of crowdfunding, which tells you how much the slot machine can pay in the long run.

Another important thing to note is that this is a high variance game, in fact, it is one of the most volatile games.So to speak, that’s what you pay for the big win,and you need some patience and money to cope with fluctuations while waiting for the free spins feature to pay you a lot of cash.

Immortal Romance review
Unlike the immortal Twilight series, Immortal Romance is a dark and mysterious story of romance and intrigue.Featuring 4 charismatic supernatural vampires-Amber, Michael, Sarah and Troy-this is a slot that will truly make you dream.The soundtrack sets the mood perfectly and once you taste the game at once, you’ll be back again and again.

The most valuable logo in this game is the “Immortal Romance” logo,which also plays a wild role.There is a 5 bet on the symbol’s Payline and your bet will be 50 times your bet, but this is a piece of cake compared to the 4 Free Spins feature in the game. 12 150 times the principal is an amazing bonus to take home, and it is only possible in the free spins game.

The game is full of mystery and bonus features, the rotating chamber is the main attraction.Here you have access to 4 different free spins features, all with different multipliers.Vampire bat function multiplier is up to 6 times, the scroll function multiplier is up to 5 times, in addition to May also appear random wild.

Immortal Romance bonus feature
There is no doubt that the main bonus feature of the game is the spin room,but there is also a nice little feature worth mentioning.

The Beast.

This function is triggered randomly while playing the base game, and up to 5 reels can be turned into full reels.If you succeed in achieving this goal, you will have a chance to win a staggering 1500 times the principal.

Immortal Romance free spins

If you drop 3 or more Lion Door Knocker symbols,you will enter the Spin of Spin.If you fall into 5 of these scatters, you will win 200 times the principal.The game room lets you use 4 different free spins features-one for each main character:

Amber free spins

This feature gives you 10 free spins with a multiplier of 5x.This feature can also be retriggered to get up to 20 free spins.This feature is available when you first enter the“rotating chamber”.

Troy free spins

Combine the vampire bat feature and you’ll get 15 free spins.The vampire bat turns the symbols into 2x and 3X multipliers,and if you land 2 of these babies, you get a multiplier of 6x.This feature is only available after you have entered the spin chamber at least 5 times.

Michael free spins

This feature gives you 20 free spins and roll combinations,with consecutive wins increasing the multiplier from 2 to 5 times.You must enter the spinning mill at least 10 times to select this feature.

Sarah Free Spins

You will get 25 free spins along with the Wild Vine feature. Wild Vine randomly changes other symbols to Wild and can even win extra free spins by spreading more scatter points. 2 to 5 scatters will give you 1 to 4 new free spins.

How to play
You can find everything you need in terms of menus and options on the right side of the reels, and you can modify a lot in this game.As always, we’ll take you step-by-step through everything you need to know so you’re ready to start.

You can first click on the burger menu at the bottom and then look at the settings menu.Here you can turn the sound on/off or you can turn the mini paytable on/off.You can also access the paytable through the burger menu,where you can read about the different characters and bonus features in this game.

You can click the Story button for each of the 4 characters and a British Male Voice will read its detailed backstory for you.You can also read the story yourself,but the dubbing effect is really cool and unique to the game.Of course, you can also see the value of each symbol in different combinations.

The paytable is dynamic, which means that symbol values vary depending on the level of bet you choose.Here’s the paytable for Immortal Romance.:

Lion head knockers spreader-200x pay 5 times anywhere
Game logo wild-combos 5 then pay 50 times
Sarah-portfolio pays 5 times 16.6
Michael-five in one paid 15x
Troy-combos pay 5 of 13.3 times
Amber-combination pays 5 out of 11.6 times
Castle-five in one pays 10 times
Letters-combinations pay 5X 8.3
Royal symbols-combinations pay 5 to 5 to 3.3 times

You can set the quick spin feature to on via the lightning icon at the top of the menu stack and it’s time to choose your bet level between 30p and 30p.You can do this by clicking the coin stack icon below the spin button.Finally, you need to determine whether you want to manually rotate the reels or use the autoplay feature.You can set 10 to 100 auto spins,but there is no advanced option here that will allow you to stop auto spins automatically under a given condition.

200 rotating immortal romantic experiences
Sometimes the game comes with a title that is actually more real than originally intended.This is certainly the case with the game at hand, as players seem to be immortal to the game.Naturally, we desire to test this beauty,and that’s what happens.

We cannot set the betting level to the usual preferred £ 1 per spin, so we choose 90p per spin.Then we turn on the quick spin feature and set the game to 100 auto spins(which is the maximum allowed).All we have to do now is lean back, enjoy the legendary soundtrack and see where this flirtation will take us.

We find it easy to stay alive in this game as we get nice wins from time to time.Smaller wins often appear, and after the first 100 spins, we more or less break even thanks to the appearance of the Wild Desire feature.So we won 27 times, and Michael won 25 times.

The last 100 spins aren’t much different, at least until we trigger an extra round of Free Spins.We have no choice but to choose Amber free spins as the other 3 options are locked.However, we didn’t win much in the first 9 spins, but in the 10th and last spins, the adjacent 3 wilds made our heart beat.

This gives us a huge win of 125.85 Times, which is because every wild win in this game brings a multiplier of 2x.We ended up making a substantial profit of about £ 150 from this meeting,and we hope you will also have good luck in the first round of this game.

Taken together, you can use this feature for up to 29 free spins, but you must enter at least 15 spin chambers to select it.

Immortal Romance award (biggest win)

There is no jackpot to win when playing Immortal Romance, but you can be sure that the biggest win in the game is as high as they came.You can win up to 3645 000 coins in this game-or 12 150 times the bet amount-equal to a single spin to win£729,000 with the maximum bet amount.

Where can I play Immortal Romance?
You can play Immortal Romance Online Slot game malaysia for Real Money in one of the trusted wclub365 malaysia casino. playtech , 918kiss , mega888 and Microgaming

Don’t want to play for Real Money?No problem, you can try the demo for free on play for free.

If you want to chase the big jackpot on the go, this is definitely possible. Microgaming has optimized the Immortal Romance Jackpot slot for all handheld platforms and devices,and you can start using Android, iPhone or iPad right away.

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