John Hunter And The Book Of Tut Pragmatic Play Slot Game

Whenever we have a new place with the word“ book”in the title, it gives us all sorts of sensations.One of us is excited to check out a new game, while the other part is terrified that it will have the“same, same, old”feature we’ve seen many times before. Sadly, the books of John Hunter and tut fall into the latter category. Anyway, it’s not a bad game, but in terms of innovation, twists, or originality, the book series doesn’t move forward.

The positive thing is that if you like Ra’s original book, John Hunter and Tut’s book will be true to their legendary source of inspiration. The biggest difference is that the visuals are more modern and the RTP is higher (at least in most casinos, but watch out for the flexible RTP range). Volatility is as high as you would expect on the bookshelf, and you can bet between £ 10p and £ 100 per spin on all platforms and devices.

In other words,there is no problem with an Android, iPhone or iPad spin, where you can win up to 5,000 times the principal amount in one spin (which is the standard maximum win for most book slots).This was hardly John Hunter’s first rodeo, and by now he should have been fairly familiar with the tombs of ancient Egypt.By the way, so do we, we think the game will benefit from a more original theme and perhaps also features 2 scatter spins that sometimes give you a break when triggering the most important bonus rounds.

What symbols are there?

As you may have guessed, John Hunt himself is the highest paid symbol in the game, and there are 3 other symbols of higher value in Egypt.Regular royal symbols are decorated with some Egyptian ornaments, but they are still inexpensive compared to high-class symbols. You need 3 to 5 matching symbols to combine to win,here we provide you with a paytable for John Hunter and Tut Book slots:

John Hunter-pay online 500X pay 5X
Wild / scattered books-can pay 5X 200x anywhere
Pharaoh avatar-pay online pay 200x pay 5X
Cat statue-pay 75x 5 on the payline
Scarab statue-pay 75x 5 on the payline
Royal symbol-pay 5X to 10x on the payline
What are the bonus features?

As a real form of Book bit,we all know it can come down to here, and that’s the free spins bonus round. Nevertheless, you will also benefit from the wild symbols in the book in the base game. This symbol has a good return on its own, and when you put 5, 4 and 3 on the payline, you will win 200x, 20x and 2x, respectively. The wild book will also intervene in all the regular symbols to help you form the winning magic weapon.

In this regard, it behaves like any wild symbol in most games, but the book also serves as a scatter symbol. This means that when you place 3 to 5 anywhere on the reels, you will receive the above payment, which is also the way to trigger the most important free spins bonus round of the game.

Free spins in John Hunter and Tutankhamun (The Book)

As we’ve already mentioned, you need to place 3, 4, or 5 book scatter symbols anywhere on the same spin to trigger the free spin feature.No matter how many scatters you have, this will give you 10 spins.You will then be taken to a new screen where, as you scroll through these pages, they display different random symbols.

Eventually, one of the regular symbols will be selected as a special symbol.When you drop it in the bonus round, the symbol expands to cover the entire reel.The good news is that this selected extension symbol does not need to be queued on adjacent turntables to pay.For example, you can put it on dials 1, 3, and 5, and it will still pay you as if it fell on dials 1, 2, and 3.It means that it will be part of a successful combination.

If you think 10 free spins aren’t enough, you can re trigger the feature and get 10 new spins when at least 3 book scatter points appear during the feature.There is no upper limit on the number of times you can do this, which means you can be lucky enough to get a lot of extra free spins.

How much one free spin can win depends largely on which symbol to choose to expand.Below, we reveal the potential maximum win for each of the symbols that may be selected.Note that you only need to fill the screen on the selected symbol to win the following amounts:

Q, J or 10 = 100x total bet
K or A = 150x total bet
Scarab or cat=total chips 750x
Pharaoh’s head= 2,000 x Total shares
John Hunt= 5,000 X Total shares

John Hunter and Tut Book aren’t really a very complicated game, but there are still a few things you need to know about the game play. Here we will quickly introduce all the knowledge you need to know to get the most out of this game and prepare you properly for going deep into the ancient Egyptian Room.

First,you can view the payment form and information screen by clicking the“ i”button in the lower left corner. This is a dynamic payable that changes the payout value based on your bet level. This means that you can easily collect the amount paid per total share per symbol and also find good information about the rules of the game and other useful information in the information screen.

The next thing to do is determine your bet level, and you can easily change the bet using the Plus and minus buttons on both sides of the spin button. The burger menu is located above the volume control in the upper left corner, which takes you to the game settings. Here you can turn on fast rotation(we recommend), or you can turn on or off music and/or sound effects.

If you want to tilt back and relax as the reels rotate, you can click the auto play button below the spin button.Here you can choose from 10 to 100 automatic spins and stop the automatic spins if your bankroll reduces the selected number. If you want to play the game really fast, you can turn on the turbo spin and also stop the automatic spin if you win a certain number or trigger the bonus round. That’s how we play John Hunt and Tutankhamun,and we wish you all the best!

Where to play John Hunter and the Bible

Maybe you already know enough about the game and want to try a round or ten trials, and we can hardly blame you for that. The good news is that we are here to provide you with the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter whether you’re testing the free demo version of John Hunter and Book of Tut slot machines first, or you’re ready to play for real money at an online casino.

Play for Real Money

We regularly scan all casinos, which in particular means that we always know what games they offer. If you click the link below, you will be taken to the top of this page. Here you will find a nice selection of casinos and WCLUB365 casinos in which you can immediately receive a welcome bonus from John Hunter and Tut Book.

Play the free demo version

If you are not ready to risk spending money, do not worry, in this case, we also provide the perfect solution. You can click on the link below and it will take you to the top of the page. Here you can play the free demo version of this exciting game slot malaysia. This way, you can get familiar with it before you risk it. Click on the link to get a free demo of John Hunter and Book of Tut.

There is nothing more exciting than the first 200 spins on a brand new slot machine, as this is where the luck of our beginners is put to the test.Note that 200 spins don’t make any statistical sense, but can still help us (and you) get a first impression of the game. Your results will most likely be different from ours, but, hey,you can think of this as a 200 experience you don’t have to pay for.

We started as always, setting the bet level for each spin to£1, and then we checked the payable. John Hunter is the extended symbol you would like to choose in the bonus round,but unfortunately, we are not so lucky.Nevertheless, the first 100 spins are still the most interesting to date,and we have some nice beginners in this game.

In fact, we triggered the free spins bonus round on the 3rd spin,and the extended symbol chosen is J. This is not a high payer, and in 10 free spins, we won only 20 times the principal as the total win.Incredibly, we actually got a second chance on the 12th spin because we got 3 book spread points again.This time, we won 67 times the principal, which is not a small amount, but nothing.

The next (and final) 100 automatic spins are not so exciting. We have a lot of dead turns, with occasional wins of 0.5 x to 3x.In these spins we did not trigger the bonus round,but in the base game spin we managed to win 41 times, which is good. That’s how it runs in highly volatile games, and we hope your beginner luck is far better than ours.


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