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Baccarat banker player long wins began to change the concept!As we all know, with a negative chase straight cable playing baccarat no matter how much formula finally ended in failure,this”win grain sugar, lose between plants, ” the suicide method has been many master strong column resistance, so there will be broken cable master brother proposed anti-cable winning principle.

The concept is 100% supportive, but how to reverse?Reverse?Indeed a thought-provoking question. Cable will be broken brother proposed as long as a shoe brand in a six-style will not lose, see banker chase banker , see idle chase idle, count at least out of seven long queues will be out,this process is quite difficult,and non-General force can be, if you encounter a whole shoe brand is up to three, then this shoe brand

Anti-cable plus cut wo green tactics can do long win. We can make a mathematical assumption:we all know that in a shoe brand three-type arrangement of about 22,then we have at least three three-Type cable to profit. 22-3-(3*7)=-2,There are three of the 22 All Out is assumed to be 124 straight cable wins 21 yards,not pass for 19 for 19 yards, the final profit of 2 yards. Of course this is a state from start to finish, probably too ideal, if only one of the 22?Will not you lose?That is not necessarily, if this one is at the beginning of 1-8 in the middle, the use of cutting wo green, we can at least return to this or a small amount of profit(not count pumping).

In theory, this shoe brand we should be negative 22-1-(1*7)=14 yards,in fact, we may draw and there may be asked, this is your design in 1-8 out, if the cable is in the middle or not? We’ll accept that. Some people may ask,if none of them cream pie? Wouldn’t it be a loss of 22 base yards, yeah, if your betting method with three . This is basically a profitable winning cable. For anti-Cable who, this situation is also going to happen.So anti-Cable who need to find is a often broken three-Type cable.

How to find often broken cable? I personally after some research experience, feel some bright spots, come up with you to discuss: what is the situation we are most afraid of playing Cable? Is a start on the broken cable, this time psychological extreme anger, and that this shoe brand should not be broken, although the governor backfired, but after a broken section and then broken, and continuous broken, but at the same time there is a phenomenon, there is a whole time, because it is playing Cable, so we won the first stop, due to the According to this situation I design as follows, see the actual brand

Example: bbp bpb bpp bpb bbp BBP pbb ppb ppb bpb BPB pbp ppb bpb pbp ppb bpb bbb pbp bbp ppb pbp, on the underground casino as an example of the card, began to open bbp, if the first to play the cable is broken, then it is playing the opposite ppb,, 80% of the situation is so, if we do not believe in evil after the first broken cable, plus layer betting, and finally certainly hurt very deep. God is indeed fair, but we are not sure,when only one wins in the whole is satisfied, but when all lose but lose in the end. So the negative chase cable must end in failure.

If we first-hand out what to buy with it, then this shoe brand is a steady win, but this is the ideal hand. We can observe that if firsthand encountered broken cable, behind the whole and all non will continue to open out, still this feature, we give up playing three-type anti-cable, instead of two-Type anti-cable. See the same with the same, see the opposite with the opposite. So our overall situation in this boot brand is 22.-1-8-(8*3)=- 11 yards.22 is the number of the whole shoe, 1 is the starting hand three, 8 is the total number of all in and non, 3 is the two-Type anti-cable profit.

Personal advice, line 12 anti-cable, for example, the second hand three-type first open b, play a B negative stop, the third hand three-type first open b, play a B negative stop, empathy, to the fourth hand three-type first open b,play a b in the treasure play p all.Similarly continue behind, in the seventh first open p is anti, Play 1 p out of mom treasure.

Summary:the line two-Type anti-cable is not like the three-type that there is too much negative fluctuations,and the two-type is the most easily broken cable.
Serious statement: This is not a winning method, do not believe too much, for reference only.