NBA: Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly interested in bringing in a senior forward who is currently defending the Boston Celtics team, Marcus Morris. Morris is considered a player who is already senior and has mature experience when playing in the playoffs.

The Lakers are indeed one of the teams that will actively shop at the free market exchange this year. They intend to bring in star players, as well as other senior players to be able to help LeBron James and his friends improve their rankings from this season. Of the many candidates who will become free agents, online live casino malaysia website sure the Lakers are now starting to show their interest in recruiting Marcus Morris.

Morris is a player who is currently defending the Celtics. The contract itself will soon expire in July. The Lakers can certainly offer him to be able to join LeBron. However, the Lakers’ effort to bring Morris would certainly not run easily. Because, there are four other teams reportedly also ready to hijack Morris from the Celtics. The four teams are the New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, and Chicago Bulls.

Morris himself is indeed one of the players who are still productive today. In this season alone, he has been able to score an average of 14 points and 6 rebounds per song. His guaranteed ability is certainly desired by the Lakers to be able to strengthen their team next season.