Lucky Leprechaun Slot Review

Microgaming online slot Lucky Leprechaun has 20 paylines. You can also get free spins and instant cash. This is a medium volatility slot that has a 96.33% RTP.


Microgaming has us off to the land of the little people! A leprechaun, in Irish folklore is a type of fairy. The leprechaun is usually depicted as a small, bearded man wearing a coat and a hat that has a buckle at the front. They live in solitude, tending to their shoes and always have a pot full of gold at the end.

Traditional Irish Aesthetics

Micrograming’s Lucky Leprechaun slot will help you learn about Irish culture if you have never been. This will make Irish patriots squirm, but it is true that the Lucky Leprechaun slot from Micrograming contains every known Irish symbol , including pints of Guinness, leprechaun pipes, and shamrocks.

Lucky Leprechaun Sound and Graphics

Microgaming uses the trusted symbols to spell out Irish folklore. We have the pipe, pints, and the green fella. But we also have the fiddle so we can all have a Ceilidh later. A pot of gold, Lucky’s green hat, and the usual playing cards symbols.

Bright and Vibrant

Although the graphics aren’t subtle, developers did a great job with Lucky Leprechaun, who is sharp and cheerful. Brightly colored and cheery is the best way to describe this game. The wild symbol appears and the symbols that make up the payline move around. This is all in keeping with the theme’s lighthearted approach.

How to Play Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun requires that you stick to the 20 paylines that you have. You have the option to adjust the amount of your wager. You can choose between 0.2 to 20 wager levels.

How to Win Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun has created Wilds in both the base and free spins modes. This means that any reel can become wild. There are also many bonuses and jackpots available. Let’s have a look.

Wild Symbol

The Lucky Leprechaun sign is wild. It substitutes for all symbols, except the pot-of-gold symbol. Five are worth 100, four are worth 50, and three are worth 10.

Top Prizes

Next is Mr. Pointy Ears the Lucky Leprechaun himself. Five of them are worth 80, four worth 25, and three are worth 6. The fiddle is next. These five are worth 60 dollars, four of them are worth 20 dollars and three are worth 3.

Symbols for Low and Mid-Paying Jobs

You are usually the one paying when you order a dark beer with a creamy topping. Lucky Leprechaun is different. The beer pays! Five coins are worth 50, four are worth 15, and three are worth 2. It’s your turn next.

It’s worth following the leprechaun’s pipe even if you only get a whiff. Five are worth 40 coins; four are worth 10, and three are worth 1.5.

Lucky Leprechaun Trail of Fortune Bonus

To trigger the Trail of Fortune bonus feature, you must have three, four, or five pots of Gold in Microgaming’s Lucky Leprechaun slots. You will receive many comments as you climb the road. One of them is “Aren’t you the grand traveller?” As soon as you win, your friend starts dancing a jig and wishes you congratulations.

How to Land the Trail of Fortune Bonus

The Trail of Fortune screen has a spinning dial that shows you how many spaces are available. The Trail of Fortune screen has a spinning dial at the bottom that tells you how many spaces you can move up the trail. Three scatters (the Pot of Gold) will give you four spins, while four pots will give you five. Five pots will give you six spins, and five pots will give you six. Top prize: 500x your stake.

Lucky Leprechaun Get Free Spins

A winning combination on reel 5 will trigger free spins. The number of free spins is displayed at the top of the Microgaming Lucky Leprechaun slot’s play area. The current multiplier for your bet is displayed at the top right.

You get extra multipliers from gold clovers, while green clovers give you an additional spin. It is a great game feature that you can keep retriggering your free spins.

The Win or Lose Bonus Wheel

You’ll see the Win/Lose bonus game. A wheel will have a red and blue side. The headline at the top of this screen will tell you how many times your current wager could win. Your winnings will increase if the arrow lands on either the win or lose side. If the arrow hits the lose side, your winnings will increase by that amount.

Lucky Leprechaun Volatility and Return to Player (RTP).

Lucky Leprechaun’s payout percentage is 96.33%. This is not the highest or the lowest among slot games.

Lucky Leprechaun has a medium volatility level. Slots Temple’s best feature is the ability to choose which level of volatility you want. Click on the Features button in the top menu to select the type of game you wish to play.


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