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Play’n GO’s devil-may-care attitude is like a bulletproof vest. The company has been busy this year keeping the popcorn rolling. With the Starblast controversy still fresh in our minds, we may see more drama as Perfect Gems, a Bonanza clone that uses an in-house version of the Megaways game engine, rolls out. Play’n GO came up with a cheaper solution to a similar situation. Instead of following the usual procedure, which is to obtain a Megaways license from Big Time Gaming, Play’s GO decided to take a different approach. It’s bold, but it is likely to backfire.

Although it’s difficult to classify the theme, you won’t need to dig in a mine shaft or endure Nik (CEO of BTG), exhausting but equally brilliant banjo loop. Instead, you get something more bizarre and a little more imaginative. With6 reels the game has a horizontal reel at the top and can give you as much as 50,000 coins.21,609 ways you can win reels will be fully expanded. The Win Multiplier feature increases the multiplier with each win cascade. This feature is available in both the main game as well as the free spins feature, where unlimited spins are possible. It can be played on all devices starting at between 20 Cents to 100 per Spin.

Perfect Gem is a classic-looking slot with a vintage feel. It appears to have been created in an area that could be the English Renaissance period. You will find A to 9 card suit symbols on the reels as well as more lucrative pink, green, yellow, and blue gems. The latter is the most lucrative.25 times your stake for 6 of a type. A wild is also available, but it only appears on the top horizontal reel. It performs the usual substituting duties.

Play’n GO: Perfect Gems: Features

Big Time Gaming refers to Megaways as Play’n GO as Payways. While there are some similarities, Perfect Gems’ game engine is more complex. The 1st and 6th reels can only contain 3 symbols, while the middle reels between them are dynamic and can expand up to 4 symbols. With the help of the horizontal ReelThe middle reels may expand up to 7 symbols high when a horizontal symbol lines up with, or is identical to, one of the reels below. In this case, it will split into two. Expanded, there are 21,609 ways for you to win.

Pay close attention to the multiplier twinset is located in the upper left corner. As winning symbols are replaced by new ones, the multiplier increases by 1 for each win cascade. If a cascade fails to produce a winning combination, the multiplier will be reset.

It’s all about you! Perfect Gems: Free SpinsThis feature allows you to land 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols anywhere on your reels and win 9, 15, 21, or 27 spins. The Spin scatter has replaced the regular scatter. It will give you 2 additional spins each time it appears. The number of times you can trigger the free spins feature is unlimited. This feature also has the Win Multiplier. The multiplier value that was active at the time of triggering the feature can be carried over to the free spinnings. This multiplier cannot be reset and can only increase.

Perfect Gems (Play’n GO): Verdict

Play’n GO’s controversial online slot games Malaysia Perfect Gems will not go down well with Big Time Gaming. Big Time Gaming has had a lot of success licensing its Megaways gaming engine. It’s difficult to review and assess Perfect Gems for the above reasons. Although it is a clear clone of Bonanza and, the developers tried to mask it with some tweaks and modifications to the gameplay.

Perfect Gems, despite all industry politics, is a fantastic slot machine that looks great, runs smoothly, and offers lots of excitement and potential. You can win up to $20,000 with this high-variance slot. 5000 times your stakeBoth the main game as well as the free spins feature. It is now up to Play’n GO to decide if they will be able to get away with Perfect Crime (no pun intended).