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Let it rain yo!’ Okay, we’ll try to keep the hip-hop references to a minimum, which will be hard when testing a game like Pimped from Swedish developer online casino slots Malaysia Play’n GO. Pimped allows players to indulge in hip gangsta fantasies on any device that they choose. Play’n GO has taken the bling and looks to this popular segment of society. Pimped is all about money and easy slots gaming. So you reckon you’re a real OG? Let’s see.

This diamond-encrusted slot is an MTV version, as the title implies. The crib is located on the second floor of a downtown luxury apartment building.5 reels 3 rows grid. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, stars and highrises form the background. Some banging tunes accompany them. The lounge suite is adorned with luxe styling, which makes it an ideal place to entertain the crew. Grab some Cristal and Grey Goose and place a wager.1 p/c to 100 PS/100 per SpinGet ready to be gangsta.

The pay lines can be adjusted from 1-10, making it an excellent choice for low-rollers. Players can spin starting at a penny. Play’n GO chose to keep it simple with Pimped. Players are rewarded for matching three or more symbols on a pay line. The game, which is rated 10/10 by its developer, is volatile and reminiscent of the gangsta lifestyle. This does not mean that Pimped sessions are always a win-or-lose affair. However, single-line wins can be very good. A high default RTP is possible when you partner with high volatility.96.52%. This is the default setting. Operators have the option to change it. It is worth keeping an eye on.

Pimped is more extravagant than its paytable, which contains ten symbols. These symbols are divided into five low-pays and five premiums. Five premiums are made up of a bundle with dollars, a chunky ‘P’ signet band, two girls, a brother man with cash, and a Snoop Dogg-like lead. The 10-A royals, while not as interesting as the other premiums, are as extravagant as you would like. They are done in a glittering ‘thug tattoo font. The five-of-a-kind value is quite high, with a range from 50 to 750 coins staked per line. The wild knuckle duster brings in more than 1000 coins per line for five-of-a-kind while substituting any other pay symbol for winning combinations.

Pimped: Features

There isn’t much depth to the additional features, which is a common theme in mumble-rap. Their simplicity is what makes them so effective. They can give you cash money if the symbols align correctly. Two additional features are available to players: free spins and a gamble option.

The scatter is represented by the large gold dollar sign. Although it may appear huge at first, it is actually 1×1 tiles. You can scatter anywhere, and three in view is good for an award worth 5Get Win Spins. Although there aren’t many spins, each Win Spin will pay at least one. Players will accumulate some reward every time they play, even though it won’t be as easy as Snooping.

If luck is on your side, the feature can be extended. Each scatters that lands will award 2 additional Win Spins. There’s a maximum of 20 total. The game rains down dollars bills all the time you’re playing Win Spins.

Optional: This feature is for people who like to try their luck.Gamble Round. This is where you will need to guess the suit or color of a face-down deck. To double or quadruple your prize, you must guess the correct color. If you choose the right suit, the prize will be quadrupled. You can play the gamble round up to five times, with a maximum of 2,500 coins.

Pimped: Verdict

Pimped, like rap, is a breather for the slot world. It’s a unique concept that hasn’t been duplicated since. The gameplay is also a crowd favorite, aside from its singular theme. Pimped is not a complicated slot with many intricate rules. This is straightforward, volatile gambling that can pay big when five of one or more Win Spins hits – but it’s best to do both simultaneously.

Players can win prizes up to $2,500 by spinning the reels. Ten times the stake. Is that enough for the latest fully-equipped Maybach? Although it is unlikely, that makes Pimped one the most lucrative Play’n GO slots. Pimped is still a great choice for those who don’t enjoy rap music and the scene. Why not? It’s all in good humor, and the high-performance mathematics model offers intense gaming to match the respectable prizes.