Pirate Gold is a very reliable pirate slot machine from Pragmatic Play, launched in all casinos on May 23, 2019. You will find 2 main characters,a male and female pirate that will remind you of a certain Jack Sparrow and his girlfriend (if he ever had one), and the reels are filled with various pirate items such as Treasure Maps, hook hands, coins and money bags.

The game comes with 5 reels,4 lines and 40 ways to win, and you can bet on all devices between 40p and £ 200. The graphics and sound effects are also well done, and you can expect a free spins feature that can be re triggered“indefinitely”. Pirate gold slot machine also comes with 3 fixed jackpot that can be won in the money bag collection bonus game.

Pirate gold’S RTP is 96.5%, slightly higher than the industry standard’s 96% . This means that the game has a house advantage of 3.5%, and you should also be aware that this is a high volatility position. You need to be able to cope with fluctuating funds,so it is best to adjust your bet level accordingly.

What symbols are there

Pirate gold slot comes with male and female pirates as symbols of the highest value, and you will also find parrots, treasure maps and other pirate-related symbols on the reels. You need to place 2 to 5 matching symbols on the payline to win:

Male pirates-pay 12.5 x pay 5X on the payline
Female pirates-Payline pay 5X 12.5
Parrot-pay 7.5 x 5 on the payline
Corsair-pay 7.5 x pay 5X on the payline
Treasure map-pay 5X at 5 paylines
Binoculars-pay 5 times at 5 on the payline
Hook hands, gold, silver and bronze coins-low value symbols that pay 5 prices between 1.87 x and 1.25 x on the payline

What are the bonus features

In addition to the regular symbols, you can also see money bags on the reels. Each purse has a cash value and when you land 8 such wallets, the“lucky treasure bag”bonus feature will be triggered. Then the money bag symbol will become sticky 3 times.

When you re-spin, you will only see blank symbols or money bags on the screen except for multipliers or re-spin symbols. Each purse you put down will reset your reset, and when the bonus feature is complete, all your winnings will be combined, regardless of whether the multiplier is up to 5x.

Pirate gold Free Spins

When you place 3 scatter symbols on the reels at the same time, the free spins feature on the pirate gold slot is triggered. This gives you 1x the win rate and then 10 free spins. You will be taken to a new set of reels with 2 high-value male and female pirate symbols on all reels except the first.

You can re-trigger the free spins feature by placing 3 new scatters in one spin, and there is no upper limit on how many free spins you can get here. The“lucky treasure”feature can also be triggered in the free spins feature to get some nice bonuses.

What is a jackpot (maximum win)

You will find 3 fixed jackpots on Pirate Gold, which can be won in the”lucky treasure ” feature. This is all about how many bags you can put at the same time,you can win 50 times the secondary jackpot, 200 times the main jackpot or 1,000 times the big jackpot.If you manage to fill the entire screen with a money bag, you will win the jackpot jackpot.

However, the Grand Prix is not the biggest win you can get from this race.Still in the”lucky treasure ” feature,the maximum win is 32,270 times the amount you bet here. If you play at the highest possible bet, the total is £ 6,454,000,which has great potential even for highly unstable games.

Where can I play pirate gold

You can play pirate gold for Real Money in one of the casinos listed below: where to play pirate gold. Don’t you want to play for Real Money? No problem,you can try this demo for free on free www.wclub365.com play Pirate Gold for free.

You can also play pirate gold card slots on mobile devices and tablets, and we know that practical games always ensure that their games look great on any handheld device or platform. Take Pirate Gold to a bar, coffee shop or vacation and play it on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Pirate gold is obviously inspired by Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but this is by no means an official or branded slot machine. Adding female protagonists is a wise move to make their gender more balanced, and its huge potential and interesting features are definitely worth your visit to this game.


Free spins feature with“unlimited”re trigger
Re-spin function with 3 fixed jackpots
High volatility with a maximum profit of up to 32,270 X