Playing Slot Machines Is A Game Of Entertainment

Playing slot machine is a pastime and entertainment game,with the slot machine vomit really can not say, but playing machine who always can not hold their temper, slot machine does not send bonus points “scold”, no free game”scold”, send points are not satisfied with the”scold”, fat girl is playing the old machine Vixen [miss is not like], fat girl scold: “it motherfucker!”Dead!I’m almost done with a hundred dollars!Fuck it!A”free game” are not given!

Although the old song age is not small, playing slot machines also often have symptoms of anger, even they can not control the mood of playing the machine,for the fat girl scolded the street, can only be kind persuasion

Fat girl not only did not seal, anti intensified hands, on the slot machine full martial arts, anger shot Key Machine surface,kick machine, anger soared to scold: “are less than one gold ingot(three connections from the left), can not have a “free game”, it motherfucker!God of wealth(before the left grid after the right grid without God of wealth pattern, the middle three grid only God of wealth pattern) is not asleep!

The old song really can not listen to the fat girl scold the street,and then say Fat Girl: “A Mei!”When you do not play the machine, feel you full of affinity,how on the machine, people completely changed!So boring, is not too stuffy?Find the machine to vent, to meet your imbalance, why bother so angry?Less scold a few words, easy button, there will be a good reward.」

Fat girl can not get rid of the spell of the slot machine,can not stop their emotions, their personality naked, it will listen to the old song persuasion, scold uninterrupted, slapping the body rude action, frequent appearance, playing the slot machine will actually be personal behavior, love scold love noise who do not care, there are mud Bodhisattva crossing the river, self-care helpless.

You scold it, I hit me, with the performance of each playing machine situation, joy and sorrow all affected by the slot machine, the old song can not listen to the fat girl scold cool words,also can not see the fat girl rough action, only silently leave, to the corner of the game airport.[To be continued—slot machine legend ten〕

Cheater said: the slot machine has a fixed program cycle,if you can not have a better reward, will continue to eat points reincarnation mode, until there are points on the screen to eat, there will be a new program.
出气 The Game of the outlet bucket﹞

Angry game machine [cheater] have a way to live, not to be the whole death of the slot machine, Macau game airport is gathered in combination with one hundred kinds of character playing machine places, playing machine who have conservative and cautious, but also some cold excessive, Casino no hard provisions, have to have money to grant admission, there is no mandatory playing machine.

So play gaming betting line amount, the minimum 10 points (HK $ 1 corner)of the guests, accounting for most of the ratio, the amount spent on the game is not much, with the same service, perhaps Luck won the prize, not the lucky thing has not happened, anyway, holding the coffin shop owner said:”there is always a second time to you.”

This kind of guests, the contribution to the casino is not much, but can call to attract new customers to participate, so playing game machines often have unexpected surprises, like”the old woman riding a tricycle, to give a piece of fifty cents”happy plot, although the game machine reward [free games], the prize points sent is also very generous.

The Note line less [masking grid more] is often difficult to bureau, will fly off to the mouth of the fat, issued a helpless sigh,it will stimulate the player’s renegade, boldly increase the BET line of choice,so it is the opposite effect of the action, more likely to be finished slot machine points, early out of the knot bouquet

Some play Game Machine veteran, found that the game machine delay does not send points, will bet the amount of line down the practice, called “wash machine”, basically the game machine has not appreciated the surface, should be interesting back machine, why torture themselves,entangled keep the machine, after all,”wash machine” at the end can be effective, but was washed out slot machine.

“Play wclub365 game machine is not different”play” the nature of the game machine, the former is to seek entertainment play, winning or losing is followed, then still old-fashioned in, do not change the original intention of the Cold Play, perhaps lucky jackpot falls in the hands, and change the Mind Raise play, indicating that the player in the slot machine trap, so that the

The latter hit the machine is too smart, but savvy than half a slot machine, slot machine clearly eat set you, wash the machine [bet amount is small] hundreds of times, it will not therefore change the program of the slot machine, the slot machine sooner or later will eat dry hit the machine’s points, it is better to maintain the original

Tiger game machine is not a wave of false name, want to dip my slot machine cheap,but not so simple,like the same machine master moves, man!You play low stakes will give you a little sweet [prize points less], and then enlarge the stakes [large stakes] nothing, so security points regularly play machine, there is a good reward points return.

How vicious, it will not bully vulnerable, there will be a certain entertainment investment, can not violate the purpose of the game airport,”Fool’s pleasure” you spend time out of money,the casino has my slot machine,for recreation can also be out of it, each other have their own benefits everyone is happy


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