Pragmatic Play Fun Slot Game Magic Journey

Order Cheap Tramadol OvernightMagic journey” is inspired by the classic 16th-century Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, which was later adapted into countless anime series.It’s sure to surprise you when you first encounter the game, as most people want a 3×3 grid rotation when the Rotate button is pressed. But something else happened.

Purchase Tramadol Overnight The fact is that there is only one reel rotation here,which is the 1×5 row you see below the 3×3 grid. You can bet between 20p and £ 100 per spin on all platforms and devices, and the 3×3 grid is called a“scorecard”. You need to highlight 9 different character symbols on different paylines on the scorecard in order to win.

Tramadol Buying Anyway, the magic Journey slot machine has an RPT of 96.54%, slightly above the industry average, and you can expect to show some very unstable behavior while playing this game. The maximum win is 400 times your bet,which is the only negative thing we must say for a very unusual and innovative slot machine in Pragmatic Play.

What symbols are there

follow site The scorecard above the reels is filled with 9 characters from Journey to West epic, which are the only symbols in the game . The character is a mixture of human and animal/human hybrids,and the payout value of each symbol of the magic journey slot machine is not fixed . Instead, the game will spend from 1 to 8 lines (excluding 7 lines) based on the number of lines you can highlight on the scorecard: 1 Payline equals 2x d win
2 paylines equal to 5 times the principal
3 paylines equal to 10 times the cost to win
4 paylines equal to 15 times the cost to win
5 paylines equal to 30 times the winning amount
6 paylines equals 100x bet to win
8 paylines equal to 400 times the cost to win

What are the bonus features

source This is a very unusual game, there are several different ways,and there are no regular bonus features. There are no wild symbols here, no scatters, and no bonus rounds or bonus games. The game itself is very unusual and we might think of it as a bonus feature, especially if you consider the RPM feature (which you really need to do). So let’s explain in detail how the game works.

click here The 1×5 reel below the scorecard is the only reel that spins here, on which you will fall into a blank symbol and/or a character different from the 9 characters you see on the scorecard. Therefore, you can fall up to 5 characters per spin, but you can also fall only into blank symbols that do nothing.

see url Each character symbol you land on is highlighted on the scorecard above, and you need to form a line with the highlighted character to win. If you do not form any winning lines, you will not win, but if you form at least one Payline with highlighted character symbols, you will win the corresponding payout. The winning symbols will become sticky and the remaining symbols will spin again. This continues until you fill the grid with winning symbols, or no more wins.

Tramadol Online Legal The middle symbol on the scorecard is the monkey warrior, and you always get a spin whenever the symbol is highlighted. The symbols that are already highlighted will remain highlighted (you might say sticky symbols) and the remaining symbols will rotate again.This way, if you are lucky, you can highlight all the symbols and win the jackpot.

Magic journey free spins

Magic Journey2
Magic Journey2

Tramadol To Buy Cheap The game does not have a free spin feature, but thanks to the spin feature we have already discussed, you will get a lot of extra spin features. You’ll trigger this heavy spin feature a lot, so the free spins feature isn’t really missing that much. Nevertheless, we understand that free spins are a must for some players, but we urge you to give this game a chance.

What is a jackpot (maximum win) Magic Journey slots do not have a chance to win, and for high-volatility games, the maximum winning potential of 400 times is certainly not very solid. You need to highlight all 9 character symbols on the scorecard to win the game, and if you play with a bet of up to£100, you can get a bonus of up to£40,000 in a single spin here.

Where can I play Magic Tours You can play Magic Journey for real money at one of the casinos listed below: where to play Magic Journey, you can try the demo for free on free online slot game: Play Magic Journey for free. You can also play Magic Journey on your phone and tablet, and HTML5 technology makes the game run smoothly on all handheld platforms. Pragmatism always ensures that their games are suitable to play on the Go, which gives you the freedom to play anywhere. Just remember your Android, iPhone or iPad.


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