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Prediction for England vs Andorra. The leader of Group 1 will be matched with an outsider in the next match of the World Cup qualifying stage. At first glance, it appears that all is clear.

Below is a detailed analysis of the match.


The national teams have only met once in recent years. It was a month ago. The British beat Andorra’s representatives at home (4:0). There is high likelihood that the next meeting will be in a similar fashion.


Andorra has always given points to its top opponents. It won’t score more than three points in the remaining matches. Only San Marino is the only team that can compete on equal terms with the other teams, and the rest are simply too difficult. It is striking that the team holds very little of the ball. He gives the ball to his opponent almost immediately. This, however, is not a good sign.


England continues to make strides towards its beloved goal and overcomes all obstacles. Yes, the British were unable to overcome the resistance of the Poles in the final round. This did not impact the standings in any manner. Gareth Southgate’s brigade is well ahead of the rest, so a trip in Qatar is almost certain.

Andorra vs England – Football Whisper’s Predictions

These are our predictions for Andorra against England

  • Prediction One: Total Goals – Over 3.5 Goals @8/15
  • Second prediction: Player Assists. Grealish to get an Assist @ 4/5
  • Three-Point Prediction: Correct Score – 0-4 to England @9/2

More than 3.5 Goals

Three of England’s five victories against Andorra have seen at least four goals, including the 4-0 victory Southgate’s men won at Wembley last month. There are plenty of reasons to expect a high scoring 90-minute on Saturday.

Grealish to get an Assist

Jack Grealish’s ability to score goals is well-known and we support the Man City midfielder against Andorra. Grealish is unlikely to start the game and a player with his qualities only needs one chance of setting up a teammate.

0-4 to England

We predict another win by England this weekend, with a final score of 4-0. In their six last matches, Moldova conceded just four goals, including the 4-0 loss at Wembley last month. England has scored only four goals in their six previous outings. We expect Southgate to save some key players so that England can score six to seven goals against Andorra next week.

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