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Syria vs United Arab Emirates (UAE) prediction. It will hold the match on September 7, 2021. Let’s look at the current teams and determine the best odds of winning this match.

At the end of the selection process for the World Cup, Qatar, the opponents were assigned to Group A. Although Syria and the United Arab Emirates do not rank among the top contenders in the fight to obtain two permits, they can still be seen at the World Cup in Qatar under certain circumstances.


The national teams have met twice in the last five years. Syria has the minimum advantage with just one win and one draw in this confrontation. The friendly nature of the last game was evident in 2019, Neither side was able to stand out.


At the end of the selection, it selected Syria as the first group member. They lost only two points to China in the final round. Algeria defeated the team in a friendly match scoring 1:2. It then lost to Iran in the first round. It eliminated Syria from the tournament, but there is much more to come.


At the final qualifying stage, the UAE national team narrowly beat Vietnam to win its group. Although she scored the most goals, she had problems with defense and conceded seven goals in eight matches. The team also kept the gate intact in match one of the new tournament against Lebanon. Although the UAE held a large game advantage, it never became goals: 0 to 0.

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It has involved the United Arab Emirates in 16 matches containing 3 or less goals during their 19 matches at the World Cup 2022 top table. This includes a loss at home to Syria. Syria has seen 18 of its 21 most recent top-flight home matches deliver under 3.5 goals. More of the same can be expected.

Syria vs United Arab betting odds

The match betweenSyria vs United Arab Emirates the 2021 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will begin at 18:00:00h on September 9, 2007. Both National teams have been working hard to prepare for this match, and United Arab Emirates players are keen to win the World Cup. Both the United Arab Emirates and Syria teams’ fans are excited about this match. No one can predict what will happen.

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