Predictions Tips Egypt vs Argentina Olympic Tokyo 2020


Egypt vs Argentina prediction: The match will take place on July 25. It will be fascinating to see which team wins and which one loses.

The 2nd round of Group C will see Argentina and Egypt face off in the Olympic Games’ second round at the Sapporo Dom Stadium (Japan).


These teams didn’t meet during the Olympic Games. It will be interesting to watch how events develop in the confrontation.


The Egyptian national team surprised everyone by surprising them with a cool result in the first round. They scored one point against the Spanish national team, their most powerful opponent. It drew 0:0. Although Mohammed Salah was absent, Shavki Gairb and Shavki Garieb played an aggressive 3-4-3 strategy, but they quickly switched to a defensive one, and the opponent couldn’t distinguish themselves.


The Argentines came into the match against Australia as clear favorites. However, they failed to win the first number and Batista’s wards lost 0-2. This was due to Ortega’s removal at the end the first half and a quickly conceded goal. The confrontation was also remembered for the large number of warnings: the national teams received 11 yellow cards each.


Sportsbooks predict that Argentina’s national team will be the clear contender for victory. The Egyptians demonstrated that they are capable of playing as the second team, so they will be trying to score points in this match. The Argentines have no points but are very likely to reach the playoffs. However, you cannot make mistakes anymore. The confrontation is unlikely to be successful, according to us.

We feel that Egypt has the potential to break through the defense of Argentina, even though only one goal would likely prevent them from defeat.

Therefore, we are tipping Argentina to win a close encounter with a 1-2 victory at full-time. We will have to wait and see what happens.


EgyptThis game will be played with a draw against Spain at the 0-0 Olympics.


After suffering a loss against Australia in their previous game, U23 in Olympics action.ArgentinaWe hope to make things right here.

Australia U23 was represented by Marco Tilio (80’) and Lachlan Wales (14)

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