Liverpool’s home side was 2-1, with a goal from Wilson, and Salah and Mane scored two goals in a row to beat the lead in the 28th round of the 2019/20 Premier League.

Liverpool scored 17 goals and beat Bournemouth in the last 5 games. It was the 17th game of history, with Liverpool leading 12 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. Liverpool lost to Watford in the last round, ending the season’s unbeaten track record and 18 consecutive wins. Adrien, Gomes and Mirna rotate.

Bournemouth took the lead in the ninth minute, with Wilson taking off Gomes, Bilin passing the ball, right-hand in the Leelma box, and Wilson pushing the net up close. Crop complained about Wilson’s foul behavior, but the decision ignored it. Liverpool lost the ball again 5 minutes later, Fraser scored a corner goal and Aker Small Area’s front-end goal was flanking by Adrian. Arnold long-handed, the inside of the Filmino exclusion zone was shot out.

Liverpool 0-1 Liverpool 0-1

Liverpool made the 25th minute of the game, with Mane taking the Simpson back pass, and Salah hit the net at 16 yards, 1-1. Liverpool extended the score in 33 minutes, van Dick midcircle cut and sent straight, a single knife at 12 yards inside the horse into the net, 2-1 . Salah long-handed, the left side of the Mirna box is getting into RamsDell. The shot was shot out of the Stanislas exclusion zone.

Liverpool 1-1 Liverpool 1-1

Liverpool 2-1 Liverpool 2-1

Second half. Bournemouth made a point of the 61st minute, with Billings straight, Fraser was facing the drian shoot-out, and Mirna’s front-end scoop was released. Arnold set a corner goal and Van Dyke’s head-goal was confiscated. A Vina Durm scoop hit the right pillar with a front arc ball shot from the left-hand lane of the Man. Chamberlun passed the ball and Ramsdale hit the right side of the Salah box.

Liverpool (4-3-3): 13-Adrian; 66-Arnold, 12-Gomes, 4-Van Dyke, 7-Mirna; 15-Chamberlain (84′, 20-Lana), 3-Fabinho, 5-Viennardum; 11-Salah, 9-Perrmino (92′, 27- Origi), 10-Mane

Bournemouth (4-3-3): 12-Ramsdale; 17-Stethsi, 3-Cook (19′, 25-Simpson), 5-Ake, 15-Adam-Smith; 29-Billings, 8-Lema (80′, 4-Gosling), 16-Lewis-Cook; 19-Stanis Las (68′ 9-Solanke), 13-Wilson, 24-Fraser


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