Racism happened all over the world. Even though we dreamed of a world without discrimination, racism always haunting us down. Sadly, in these modern times, in the world full of educated people, racism is still considered as one of the biggest issues to solve. Even in football. A sport or a game is meant to be fun, without discrimination or else. It has to be fair and equal. But that is not what happened. Racism has become one of the biggest problems in Football nowadays. And the authority cannot do anything to stop racism as it happened almost every time and everywhere. And it’s indeed really frustrating.

here! Manchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling is one of the main subjects of racism in Football. It happened as he played with Manchester City in the domestic league, and ha had through the same problem in an international match with the England team.

go That is why he decided to speak up about this issue as a form of concern for football. Raheem Sterling has said clubs should be given an automatic nine-point deduction and ordered to play three games behind closed doors if their supporters take part in racist behavior. He also said that the authorities must adopt radical changes to tackle the issue.

Purchase Tramadol Uk The 24-year-old released those statements after signing a manifesto that calls for consistent and suitable punishment for racism and discriminatory.

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Online Tramadol Overnight “I’d call for an automatic nine-point deduction for racist abuse,” he wrote in a column for the Times. “It sounds harsh but which fan will risk racist behavior if it might relegate their team or ruin their title bid?

go to link “The club should have to play three games behind closed doors. That way, they lose revenue as a direct consequence of racist behavior.”

Raheem Sterling Demand Serious Punishment For Any Racism Act

watch As part of the movement, Raheem Sterling joined a number of professionals and clubs in endorsing the manifesto which also seeks more black and minority ethnic people in senior positions in football and no sanctions for players walking off the pitch if they encounter racism.

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follow url Framed with the guidance of anti-discriminatory bodies Kick It Out and FARE and the Black Collective of Media in Sport, key points of the manifesto also include the need for media and social media to take more responsibility in tackling abuse. As live casino Malaysia mentioned before, racism is not only happened in the field or during the games. It also took place in the player’s personal life, even in their social media. It occurred just recently with Ashley Young as the subject. Following that incident, several players stood up for Ashley Young. Manchester United also stated that they will take any possible action against the perpetrators.

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Purchase Tramadol Visa Raheem Sterling stated that the people who run the game are going nowhere near enough to solve the problem. But it has to change so the younger generations don’t have to endure the issue.

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