Last season might be not the best time for Alexis Sanchez as Manchester United’s player. He’s been on so much pressure and his performance is far below the expectation. The Chilean international player condition is attracting Robin van Persie attention. The former Manchester United player says the negativity from Manchester United’s fans toward Alexis Sanchez in the past season could be too much for him to handle.

The 30-year-old player is pushing for a move away from the Old Trafford stadium this summer, and a report claims his agent held extensive talks with Serie A clubs, Inter Milan. According to reports, I Nerrazuri is keen to sign Alexis Sanchez, but they refuse to pay half of the forward’s salary, which worth 400.000 pounds a week. Their disagreement about Alexis Sanchez’s salary became the main obstacle of his transfer to Inter Milan.

Robin van Persie told online slot game Malaysia that he thinks Alexis Sanchez needs to find his true happiness as he believed the former Arsenal player doesn’t look happy with Manchester United. Robin van Persie says he can’t properly judge Alexis Sanchez’s condition because he doesn’t not working with him at this moment. But as far as he remembers, he rarely sees Alexis Sanchez smiling while playing in recent times.

Robin van Persie Rarely Sees Alexis Sanchez Smile

He indeed knows when a player plays they want to be serious and winning the game. But after scoring a goal one can smile because that is the point of football. Robin van Persie believes every football player plays football because they like it, hence they will smile from time to time.

Other than that, Robin van Persie explained that he thinks Alexis Sanchez plays quite well in his earlier time at the Old Trafford and he seems happy in his first couple of months with the Red Devils. And he believes, Alexis Sanchez needs to find his happiness immediately, because he believed when a player happy he became fitter, therefore they want to create and want to have fun whilst playing football.

But despite all of the pressure Alexis Sanchez held in recent times, Robin van Persie thinks he still the same great player inside. He has it all as he’s fast, he can assist well, he can dribble and he can score. Sadly there is a lot of negativity around him from fans and people on social media, and perhaps that’s all become a little too much for him to handle.