Romelu Lukaku just recently joined Inter Milan in Serie A Italy. But sadly he had to experience an unpleasant incident in his first months and his second match as Inter Milan player. The former Manchester United player was subjected to monkey chants while stepping up and scoring a penalty in Inter Milan’s 2-1 win over Cagliari last weekend.

Racialism is a common thing in football to this date. Of course, it’s unacceptable but it happens a lot and the authority can’t really get rid of it completely. From time to time, every now and then, all authority can do was fine the club or punish the perpetrator. But all of the punishment can’t really perish racialism in football. And now Romelu Lukaku became one of the victims of racialism.

Roberto Martinez Belgium’s manager also had a comment about Romelu Lukaku’s situation. He believes that the Belgium international player will be unaffected by the incident. Roberto Martinez whose also managed Romelu Lukaku at Everton said that Romelu Lukaku is one of those modern footballers and he was born with attention. He had the media following him around in Belgium since he was 16-year-old. He’s used to the attention.

Football is His Life And He Lives To Score Goals

By that, Roberto Martinez believes Romelu Lukaku doesn’t get affected by that incident. He sees the 26-year-old player as one of the most driven boys he ever met. Online gambling Malaysia knows that Romelu Lukaku puts his life in football and he lives to score goals.

Roberto Martinez said it’s normal if Romelu Lukaku was sad with the episode he had to go through but he’s sure that is something everyone in football will try to help him and hopefully, people running the football will eradicate it.

Romelu Lukaku joined Inter Milan on a 72 million pounds deal from Manchester United last month. He has scored in his first two games for the Serie A giants and it seems Romelu Lukaku is thriving again after a frustrating two-year spell at the Old Trafford.



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