Sorcerer Aladdin And The Sorcerer Slot Amazing

In the Sorcerer slot of Aladdin and Pragmatic, you will take part in an epic battle between Aladdin and the evil Sorcerer of his great demon. These animated characters are located on both sides of the reels and you get spins, wilds and wilds that can be multiplied by 3 times each time you fight with them. The maximum winning potential of the game is 6,250 times the bet.

It all takes place on 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 winning ways, and you can bet up to £ 100 per spin on all platforms and devices.Whenever you land the Aladdin symbol or Sorcerer symbol alone, the base game will give you 3 to 6 randomly placed wilds, and when you land two spins at the same time, the battle between them will trigger.

This is a highly volatile game,so expect some dry spells between larger wins and don’t expect to trigger the vital Level 2 Respins feature too often. However, once this happens and Aladdin wins the first round, if you are lucky with 2x and 3X multipliers, you can expect to get a big bonus at Level 2.This is a fun game, action-rich and animated characters do well.

What symbols are there

The higher-priced symbols in the game are gems of different colors with golden edges.The low-value symbol is the exact same gem, but has no golden edges. You need to win 3 to 5 identical symbols on the payline to win, here we provide you with a payment table for Aladdin and Sorcerer slot machines:

Wild symbol-pay 50x pay 5 on the payline
Phnom Penh red gem-Payline pay 5X 50x
Phnom Penh purple gem-Payline pay 20x 5
Phnom Penh blue gem-Payline pay 5X to 12.5x
Phnom Penh light blue gem-Payline Pay 10x 5
Phnom Penh green gem-Payline pay 5X 7.5 x

The same gem,no Gold Edge-pay 5.25 times to 2 times the fee on the payline to get 5
What are the bonus features? You will see Aladdin’s lamp on the left side of the shaft and the evil wizard’s crystal ball on the right. You will need to bring these two people into epic battles so that the more they fight, the more you will be able to profit and win.

The Aladdin bonus symbol will only fall on reel 1, while the Wizard bonus symbol will only fall on reel 5. If any of these symbols fall on the reels alone, you will be rewarded with 3 to 6 wild symbols randomly added to the reels.

The real magic only happens when you spin the Aladdin symbol and The Wizard symbol at the same time, as this triggers the battle spin bonus feature. First,you will see that reels 1 and 5 both turn into fully stacked wild symbols,and you will get a way to re-spin, freezing these 2 reels in place.

Aladdin and Sorcerer are now in Battle Mode and you will see that each of them has a health meter and each has 3 bars. If you land the Aladdin symbol without the Wizard symbol, Aladdin will use his lamp to attack and remove 1 Life Bar from his great enemy And vice versa.

The re-spin feature will continue until Aladdin loses all 3 health bars, but if Aladdin wins, you will enter Level 2 of the battle re-spin feature. Then all Wilds will go sticky in the rest of the feature, and you will get 3 spins in Level 2. Sticky wilds get a 2x multiplier in the second spin,and a 3x multiplier in the third and last spin.

Free spins of Aladdin and the Sorcerer

Aladdin and The Hitcher don’t actually have any dedicated free spins feature, which may be due to the many spins you will benefit from. Some malaysia online slot players may not like this, but we can assure you that free spins will not be missed too much due to the above reasons.

What is a jackpot (maximum win)?

There are no winners of the jackpot or fixed jackpot on Aladdin and Sorcerer slot machines,but you can still win decent bonuses here. With a 3x multiplier, you can actually win up to 6250 times the bet on this game, which is a good potential even for highly volatile slot machines.