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These extravagant shows of wealth slot casino online Malaysia machines are still very popular, even though they were not as popular as they were a few years back. It felt like this style had fallen out of favour, but the genre has just received a reboot from Play’n GO with the That’s Rich video slot. It’s easy to see that it filled this slot with glamour and high-end consumer goods.

Although it isn’t as obvious as its wealth-saturated 2015 predecessor Pimped , with its Snoop Dogg-like lead and his women, it’s still out there. I designed pimped for hip gangster wannabes. That’s it aimed Rich at female gamblers. We don’t judge anyone who is into fashion magazines, designer bags and high heels. Read on for some fabulous good times.It’s Rich – Free Spins

That’s Rich uses transparent grids made of5 reels?3 rowsAnd10 paylinesThese are now fixed. This setup is simple and lets the glowing background shine through. It looks like the Arabian Gulf or the Mediterranean Sea through hotel curtains. It is a very expensive room that can post a few hundred photos for friends back in the colder regions of the globe. Natch. Natch.10 p/c to 100 PS/100 per pop. For single spins, hit the big green button or choose the mustard button to activate auto-play. Enjoy the show as if you’re a brand extra pair of Manolo Blahnik.

Simple set-ups get a simple set rules. The game’s name is landing combinations of three or fewer matching symbols left to the right. As you would expect, symbols come with high price tags. The exception is the low pay which is a carefully designed set of 10-A royalty. The highest pay includes a bag, shoes, fancy house and yacht and banknotes and fashion magazines.

You can land 5 magazines in a single line and get rewarded.40 times the stakeFor the trouble, the wild is better50 times the stakeFor five. The wild symbol is a busty woman wearing a piece of a white gown that the game sheet refers to simply as “Famous Woman”. There are two versions of the Famous Woman: the 1×1 tile and the expanded version we will discuss in the features. The wild substitutes any symbol except for the scatter in both cases.

The game’s shiny exterior hides a more gritty interior. First, it rated volatility at 8 out 10 on Plan Go’s meter. RTP can, however, vary from from96.27% In the best-case scenario, you can get as low as 84.25% from certain operators who are not licensed by the MGA. It is a good idea to carefully read the labels before you dive in.

That’s Rich Slot: Verdict

The cartoony Club Med-esque feel of That’s Rich makes it stand out. It’s almost like reading Jackie Collins’ novels by the pool in Corfu, before going out for drinks with friends and dancing. Sorry for the pigeonholing. However, Play’n GO has created this one to appeal to the female audience. It would be great to hear the opinions of females, so please leave a comment! Are these symbols of wealth and glam fun or stereotypical?

It’s likely that it was all intended to be lighthearted fun. It also has a lot of potential.10,000 times your stake This gives it some bite. It has a lower exposure probability than 1 in 100,000,000, which is quite a large number. It is still a lot lower than the billion(s), to one odds that are often mentioned – if it kept them secret at all.

That’s Rich’s appeal lies in its openness. This slot is open to being who it is, so if you like shopping and wealth, then get in on the action. If not, well, ta-ta darling. While the potential and math model might be enough to entice general slots players, the theme is quite polarizing. The major problem with the theme is also the lack of features. There isn’t much left to do and see, except for win spins. It is tempting to think that every Win Spin will pay, with some cases up to 20 per spin, because you know that it is.

There are many good things to discover. That’s Rich is a fast-paced slot with no nonsense that caters to everyone, from Pimped fans to newbies to slots.