What will cross your mind if I mentioned these names; Diego Costa, Sergio Ramos, Radja Nainggolan and Mauro Icardi? What do you think they have in common? Most of you would say they are the infamous bad boys type of footballer. But yet, they’ve achieved so many things in their career despite the bad boy’s image that attaches to them.

These football villains indeed make football more colorful and interesting. The game’s best side is its dark side. Most of the people love to hate them but at the same time, they secretly want to be them.

There are several players nowadays regarded as football villains. They bad but yet so loved. And here’s the list that football betting Malaysia compile just for you.

These Bad Boys Are Just Too Good To Hate

Luis Suarez

When you heard his names, maybe the first thing that crossed your mind is his phenomenal bite. Yep. This Uruguay player is infamous because of his bites toward Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup match that put him in severe punishment. It’s not his first time, but the incident is the worst of all. He’s banned for many matches at every level and fined a large sum. But yet he recovered and shine even more as he joined Barcelona at the end of the season.

Sergio Ramos

He loves to get under the skin of his opponents. He’s the villain who always makes sure to do it with a big smile on his face. And that’s why the media named him as the accidental hitman. The red card is his business card. You couldn’t find any player in the history of Europe’s top five leagues who collect more red cards than him.

Radja Nainggola

He’s the party animal. Not much story of him in the pitch, but his personal life is quite something. He indeed believes life is for living, and he’ll enjoy it every single second. It’s caused him to go through a lot of trouble. And the most recent he’s didn’t get the call for Belgium Team as Roberto Martinez didn’t like his wild behavior. But he’s on the way to changes himself following his decision to move to Inter Milan last summer.

Mauro Icardi

He’s good but he really is a drama king. It’s a fact that he is a brilliant striker, but at the same time he also a temperamental one. He rarely has a quiet day without some kind of incident. And most of the time created by himself. You might still remember the time when the 23-year-old released a book which he recalls the time he clashed with Inter’s ultras after a game in Reggio Emilia and shortly after returning to the dressing room, asked someone to record him saying that he will bring 100 criminals from Argentina who will kill them there and then. No wonder he’s got so many death threat back then.

Giorgio Chiellini

He’s not your average villain. He’s the genius with a Ph.D. in breaking an opponent’s will. He has a degree in business administration for which he received perfect grades. He can speak English fluently without ever played in England of the United States before. There is a nobility about him. He’s indeed not your average footballer.

Jamie Vardy

His name rosed up as Leicester City won Premier League for the first time in the history and surprised the world. Jamie Vardy is the man that makes the impossible happened along with his teammates. He’s the type of player that simply doesn’t give up.  He’s been through a lot. He had days harder than most when clocking off at the factory. And that’s what makes him as he is now.

Diego Costa

Just recently his name pops up in the headline following his humiliating act. He is banned for 8 games in the La Liga as he abusing the referee in a match. And in the pitch, he often named as the UFC fighter in a football kit.


Neymar’s catches public attention because of his acts in the 2018 World Cup. But truthfully his real problems is he’s just too good and he knew it. He is so good and often humiliating his opponents with his act.


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