Three Reasons To Help You Reverse The Position Disadvantage

Check-raise is a very powerful play in no limit Texas,but not necessarily well understood.No position after the flop is never pleasing,but knowing when and how to check-raise can help you a lot.Every action in no limit poker has its reasons (or multiple reasons) – at least it should be.When it comes to check-raise, there should be several specific reasons for taking this action after the flop.Here are the three most common reasons.

Check and raise to show the strength of the hand

In addition to full play, check-raise is probably the most obvious way for players to show the power of a hand in no limit poker.

Novice players sometimes fail to understand how strong a check-raise is.These players may use a small pocket in the blind to call the back position of the RAISE,take the flop in the end Dark three, and then make a big check-raise, the purpose is to let the opponent fold, get a small pot.They don’t realize that checking-raising can be scary and often makes it difficult for opponents to continue playing weak to medium-hand hands.

Since Check-raise usually represents a card power,then you think about why you want to reflect their strong cards.For most players who do not have a position, the show is either to make the opponent fold, or to slow down the pace after obtaining the initiative after the flop.

When do you want your opponent to fold?When you have weak cards.This time you check-raise is bluffing (false display of hand power).Or when you have a strong but fragile hand, then you are not bluffing, but on the flop or turn Check-raise to protect your hand.Through your check-raise is called on the flop, malaysia casino betting on a seemingly safe turn lead will make it more difficult for the opponent to call with a normal hand, because he knows that the opponent is likely to bet on the river.

In multiplayer Pot, check-raise also has a “clear” function,which either immediately take the pot, or create a heads-up situation against only one opponent.This result is relatively good, even if you hold the second best hand, the next opportunity to improve, or hold a draw.

Suppose you check-raise with a flush draw on the flop and one person calls.If you complete the flush on the turn, your hand may also be disguised,because the opponent may think you check-raise to protect the hand.If the turn is useless, you can also bet ahead of the semi-bluff, or if you check, the opponent is likely because of fear that you will check-raise and then check forget.

Check and raise to disguise.

Check-raise another fundamental truth is that in addition to showing the strength of the card, it is actually a deception.You imagine – this is not a simple lead bet, not direct,but a multi-step process,giving the impression that leads the opponent into the“trap”.Because his bet does not usher in a fold or call,but a hostile raise.

There was a time when a check-raise was actually considered a bit of a breach of etiquette.In fact, in some games and poker rooms, check-raise is even prohibited.In the Belladonna poker room even hung a ‘rule’, special statement check and raise is allowed.

Even today, when you are in a private game full of inexperienced players, they will also think Check-raise is a problem.This can even happen at a”friendly”, passive low-level table where players will think a check-raise is an offense.This is because this player does not like the feeling of being fooled or deceived.

But check-raise the fundamental meaning, usually disguise.

Players who choose Check-raise need to pay more attention to this fact.Do not think up to bet after making action, the check-raise as a remedy, such as he has checked, see the opponent bet, just think up to bet yourself (some entertainment players will do so).Plan your actions,including manipulating your opponent’s bets, to open the door to your check-raise.

I myself have seen in some games only some players show the ability to check-raise, others will only lead the bet every time there is no position, or check-call.Check-raise players usually give the impression that each hand will think one more step ahead.Players who can successfully make a check-raise are usually more trusted.

Of course, I would like to say one more thing,you can not disguise or in order to make the game player think you have“advanced”and not direct play and deceive.We deceive and use roundabout means to achieve a specific goal in a known hand, or to help build an image for us to use behind.

Check-raise to build a larger pot

Check-raise the third reason is to build a larger pot when you get a strong hand, but the current conditions are required to show that check-raise is the best way to make the pot have more chips.These conditions include: you have a strong hand,you believe that your hand is likely to be stronger than the opponent you believe that your opponent will bet when you check

Let’s go back to a situation mentioned above.A player faces a raise in the back position at the blind and he has a dark three 4 on the flop.At this time he big check-raise may scare the opponent away,but in the face of some passive or do not like to fold the“sticky pool”opponent, do a little smaller check-raise may be the best way to start building the pot, thereby creating a large payment.

Check-raise to establish a larger pot is usually very related to the structure of the flop, but also depends on whether the opponent hit a little face, so that he is likely to continue to play in this hand.

If you hold the pocket 4, the flop is 8 ♦ 4 ♥ 2 ♥ , this flop basic hit the opponent in the back position of the raise range, meaning check-raise can only let you win a small continuous bet, no more.But if the flop is A K K ♦ 4 ♦ and you hit the dark three 4, the opponent is likely to have a large pair or draw, even after you check-raise and want to stay in the pot.


Ideally, every action you choose in no limit Texas Hold’em has a reason.But check-raise is a special action that requires more attention,focus, and planning.Please use the check-raise wisely,for their own mind why to do this action must have a good reason.


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