Tips Netherlands (W) vs USA (W) Olympic Tokyo 2020


Prediction Netherlands (W) vs USA. These odds are not based on reality. Holland was in the group stage against two strange teams. It is difficult to win any of those matches. Brazil beat them out of the park, even though it was a 3-3 score. This is sort of champion of Europe vs. champion of the rest of the world. However, Holland is not at the same level as France or Germany. To suggest that this is 45%-55% for USA on normal time is bullshit, USA should be clear favorites. This is a chance for the USA to rematch the match with Sweden.


Three personal meetings were held between the national teams.¬†All three of them celebrated the victory with girls from North America who, in the past 10 years, has taken the leadership position in women’s soccer.



  1. In 15 of 16 games played at home, he has won.
  2. In reg. time, has won in all five of their home games.
  3. They have not lost any of their 21 home games.
  4. In 8 of 9 home games, has won by a shutout.
  5. In 7 of 8 previous games, he won the second half.
  6. In 21 of 22 home games, has scored.
  7. In 8 of the 9 previous games, scored in the first half.
  8. In each of their 8 previous games, scored in the second half.
  9. In each of their 5 last games, scored in both halves.
  10. In 10 of the 11 last home games, he has not conceded.
  11. In each of their 5 most recent games, has scored and conceded.
  12. In each of their 4 previous games, they scored and conceded in the first half.
  13. In each of their 3 previous games, they scored and conceded in both halves.
  14. In 8 of their most recent games, have scored more than 1.5 goals.


  1. In 33 of the 35 most recent games, he has not lost.


Over the last 5 years, the Netherlands national team has achieved remarkable success. They have pushed the top Northern European women’s European soccer teams and are now on par with France and Great Britain. The “orange” are not the only ones at the Olympic Games. They have won in Group F 10:3 against Zambia and 8 2 over China, respectively. However, the 3:3 draw against Brazil shows the strength of the Netherlands’ attack.


The US national team is the world’s leader in women’s football. They have won numerous victories and won many trophies. Although the Americans can demolish anyone they wish, the Olympics started in a bad way for the “stars & stripes”. Is this an attempt to reduce the vigilance of opponents, or are there serious problems within the team? The next round of playoff matches will answer this question.


The USA should win. Reigning champions are the best and have had to deal with high-pressure finals at this stage.

The USA is unlikely to be as appealing to punters as they are to many.4/9 (1.44)Chance, but adding both teams to score is a win5/2 (3.50).With bet365

The Netherlands are strong enough to challenge the favorites, but they have less rest and have played for an extra 30 minutes in their semi-final, so they will likely lose.

This selection has been successful in every USA knockout match in France this summer. It’s worth backing them to help you shade a high-scoring clash.

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