Tips New Zealand vs Sweden(W) Olympic Tokyo 2020


Prediction: New Zealand (W), vs Sweden. In the third round of the Olympic Games group stage, the girls will be meeting on July 27. We will analyze the first matches from the tournament and find a reliable wager for the meeting.


New Zealand

  1. In 7 of 8 games, he has lost.
  2. In 14 of the 15 previous games, he has not won.
  3. In 7 of 8 games, he has lost the second half.
  4. In each of their 15 last games, has conceded.
  5. In 7 of the 8 previous games, the second half was won.
  6. In their 8 last games, they have scored less than 1.5 goals.


  1. In their last five games, Has won.
  2. In their 8 last games, they have not lost.
  3. In 8 of the 9 previous games, he won the first half.
  4. In 7 of 8 previous games, he won the second half.
  5. In each of their 9 most recent games, has scored.
  6. In each of their 9 previous games, scored in the first half.
  7. In 6 of 7 previous away games, scored in the second half.
  8. In each of their 5 last games, scored in both halves.
  9. In 7 of 8 games, he has scored more than 1.5 goals.


The table is now at the bottom after two rounds. New Zealand’s girls are there, having lost their first two matches. It is important to pay tribute to the rivals’ level – Sermanni’s wards clearly outperform the Australian and American women in the class and almost no one believed in the New Zealanders’ exit to the playoffs. New Zealand attempted to play defensively in the Olympics’ first matches. It worked against Australia, with a small loss of 1:2. However, against the Americans, it was impossible to avoid a loss of 1:6.


The results of the first round indicated that the Swedish Olympic team was guaranteed entry into the playoffs. The main favorite of the tournament is confirmed by two victories in productive shootouts against Australia and the USA. The women’s game in Sweden is improving at all ages and the Olympic team is prepared to win in Tokyo over the strongest in the world, the United States.

Preview: USA vs New Zealand

Although it was still shocking, Sweden’s victory was not entirely unexpected given their strong record against Americans. They were eliminated from the 2016 Olympics at the quarter-final stage.

Tom Sermanni’s win would be quite unexpected, considering that they have lost five matches to this opposition with a combined score of 19-1. They also lost 5-0 in the last two meetings.

The 22nd-ranked world team arrived at this tournament having suffered eight losses and not one win in nine games. Their last victory came over two years ago.

The Stars and Stripes will be motivated after their difficult opener. They won’t take any prisoners as they try to restore pride and score three valuable points.

Tips & Predictions USA vs New Zealand

This is how you can increase your chances of achieving the following:6/5 (2.20). It is well worth it to back a wounded person the USA wins against New Zealand with four goals or more for the third consecutive encounter.

All odds are correct as of the date of writing. Please be responsible when you gamble.

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