In Malaysia fish shooting game has been favored by internet users, and even some people in order to shoot fish sleep and eat! Where is the charm?

At the same time how to play shooting fish game to taste the taste of victory?

Today we are going to break the secret of fishing machine, teach you how to play big fish!

The winning technique of the fishing machine

General fishing machine will have two restrictions to ensure that the machine wins, one is the pumping rate, is in the players all input 100 coins, the machine must draw a few coins.

There is also a gambling machine is controlled by the game currency inventory, assuming a machine there are 100 million at the beginning, and the player A won 500 million, the machine’s memory becomes 500 million, this time the next player is difficult to win money.

Suppose the third game Player B lost 2 million, the machine’s memory gold will become (100-50 + 200) is equal to 2.5 million.

Generally a machine has a lot of people playing,that is, if one of them won a lot of money, it is recommended that you take a break.Let the machine eat a little more money and then end.

Or during this time of rest, go to online casino games in malaysia 918kiss sign up for a free account, Play for a while to pass the time.

5 minutes to learn fishing machine winning skills

Rule of thumb.
In fact, this method can be said to pick up the “chicken” play, specifically hit others lose score position, because once others lose score, in any case how the system also have to give people a few dead fish.

Suppose you hit a few shots with 1000 guns, if you happen to hit 300 times the fish, then you are not a big profit?

In today’s introduction which said very clearly, every shot Must Die big fish, game player with this method is to win.

Tips (two)
Watch the fish’s blood.:
Under normal circumstances, because there is a distinction between the position of eating cycle, so eat fish position will never die, and that some do not know the trick of friends, will choose to die.

This dead fish, score will not only be lucky fast, so the position in the time to eat people, you only need to use 1000 gun next to easy fish, fish died.In this way, I believe that even children can play.

Tips (three)
A score.:

In 1000 guns inside, because sometimes, lose points position, are generally large, you only need to point in the position, enjoy playing is, with a saying that is the left ear, right ear.

So time to play lose Long, lose points lose more mouth.

Skills (four)
Only small fish.:

We use the fish method, the cannons cut into 1000 cannons!

Pay attention to put out the bullet, five times, if it is to earn points, this position can play steady.

Then enjoy playing with 1000 shelling earn points!

Go to the arcade and try it.Using the above methods may be able to win more money and change life.


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