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Porto vs Milan prediction. The match is set for October 19, 2021. Let’s look at the most recent results and determine the best odds of winning this match.

The Champions League did not go as planned for both teams. There are still opportunities for the playoffs. Each party will only be satisfied with winning at the next meeting.


It is very exciting to have head-to-head meetings. The teams have not met on the field in a while. 2003 was the last time they met. In 2003, the rivals were competing for the UEFA Super Cup. Andriy Shevchenko was the goal scorer in that match and Milan took home the trophy.


Porto wins the national championship undefeated, but is still one point behind Benfica. Porto didn’t have the best start to his Champions League draw. The draw was not a success at first. Porto managed to draw with Atletico in Madrid and achieved an acceptable result – 0:0. At home, he was defeated by the Liverpool rink with a score 1:5.


Milan had not been to the Champions League in a while so they played bold football in the first round. He brought down a negative result. The red and black won twice against Liverpool in the first round. This result only motivated the English team to score three more goals. Milan was within touching distance of scoring the first points against Atletico at home. However, discipline failed to prevail. 

Although the hosts led in the middle half of the first period, they were still in the minority before the break. The match ended with the hosts leading by one point, but the guests even managed to equalize the score and win the match.

Predictions for Porto vs AC Milan: Our favorite porto vs.

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  • Prediction 1: Match Result @ 9/4 (3.25)
  • Prediction 2: Half-Time Result – AC Milan to Lead @ 9.4 (3.25)
  • Three-Team Prediction – Yes @ 20/29 (1.69).

Porto and AC Milan to Draw

This group is probably the most intriguing in this year’s champions League. All teams, including Porto and AC Milan, have been fantastic this season in their domestic leagues. With both teams in excellent form, it is possible that this game will end in a draw. Although we think AC Milan is the superior team, Porto is playing at home and they are having injury problems. Therefore, a draw seems the best outcome.

AC Milan to Lead at half-time

Milan lost two Champions League games but led at half-time in both. They couldn’t hold onto the lead, and this could happen again in Porto. This is especially because Milan has serious injuries and it takes a lot energy to keep up with the best level of football throughout the game.

Both Teams to Score – Yes

Both teams scored in three of five previous matches in which Porto played in all competitions. The same holds true for four of five AC Milan games. Both teams have scored in the AC Milan matches, and one of the Porto matches in Champions League.

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