Tips Sweden(W) vs Australia(W) Olympic Tokyo 2020


Prediction for Sweden (W), vs Australia.┬áThe match is set for July 24, 2021.┬áLet’s look at the Olympic football tournament in Tokyo, and determine the best odds of this encounter.

Both teams did well in the initial round of the group stage. However, Sweden was the star of the show. A win at the next meeting will guarantee an early exit from the playoffs.


There have been seven head-to-head matches. Australia has not beaten Sweden. It has four wins. It had a slight advantage of 1:0 at the Algarve Cup in 2017. Last month, both teams played a friendly match. However, they didn’t reveal their cards as they had drawn with a score 0:0.



  1. In 15 of their 15 most recent home games, has won.
  2. In 14 of 15 home games, has won by a shutout.
  3. In their 9 last home games, has won the first half.
  4. In 14 of 15 home games, he has won the second half.
  5. In each of their 7 last home games, has won in both halves.
  6. In 12 of the 13 previous games, scored in the first half.
  7. In each of their 15 previous home games, scored in the second half.
  8. In each of their 9 last home games, scored in both halves.
  9. In 14 of the 15 last home games, he has not conceded.
  10. In reg.time, has not conceded in any of their 4 last home games.
  11. In 14 of the 15 last home games, he has scored more than 1.5 goals.
  12. In 6 of 7 Olympic Games Women games, she scored less than 1.5 goals.


  1. In their last nine games, they have not lost.
  2. In each of their 10 most recent games, has scored.


Sweden came to the Olympic tournament having won 12 of its 12 matches. The last friendly games proved difficult for her. The win over Norway was modest at 1-0 before the draw with Australia. A great series could have been ended in the first round, when the USA was the opponent. The current world champions did play a poor match, but that does not diminish the merits and 3:0 was the score for the Swedish team.


Australia was easily qualified through the Asian region to the Olympic Games. She did not win any of the friendly matches. Last week, Japan beat Australia 0 to 1. Australia won the battle with New Zealand, but it was Australia who prevailed. With a score of two goals difference, she had an overwhelming advantage during the first half. The geographical neighbors won one match in the second half and the final score was 2:1.

Sweden Team News

With a group that has never been injured, the Sweden boss will be thankful for not having any fitness concerns ahead of this match.

Team News: Australia

Australia boss is able to choose from a completely injury-free team, so there are no fitness concerns.


We believe that Sweden has the ability to score at least one goal against Australia. Australia may find it difficult to do so.

Therefore, we believe that Sweden will win the game with a controlled victory of 2-0 at the end.

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