Hold and Spin What Makes This Game Interesting

Pragmatic is known for its universal style, and this is undoubtedly the case with the latest fruit innovations, Ultra Hold and Spin. What makes this game interesting is the combination of classic look and modern features. Players who enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the brick-and-mortar fruit machine will certainly get what they deserve here, but you will also get the thrill of the Re spins Money Collect feature, which can give you a good return.

Visually, Ultra Hold and Spin look a little outdated, although we know it’s part of the packaging for these types of games.Still, it won’t hurt to make the game more pleasing now. When the rotate function is triggered, the hot background changes color,and in terms of visual effects is almost. There’s no background music in regular base games,but when you win a jackpot or trigger the Re spins feature, there’s a pretty good 80s-style soundtrack.

It’s all played on 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 ways to win, and you can bet between 5p and £ 250 per spin on all platforms and devices.The base game will provide a large number of dead turns, at least this is what we got in the 200 turn test, and the volatility is on the medium side.You can win up to 500 times the principal on a single wheel with special Diamond symbols, and up to 250 times the principal in the base game. This is not a very impressive potential, and in a world with many better options, it’s hard to prove that too much time and money has been spent on it.

What are the extra features

The wild symbol spelled the word“ wild”with fire in the background, and the symbol will insert all symbols (except currency symbols). This will help you form the winning combos, and if you think the Wilds will be part of the winning combos, the falling Wilds will also expand to fill the entire reel.

In this game there are 2 currency symbols, silver coins and gold coins.These can only fall on the reels in the middle, and the random cash value that comes with is between 1x and 20x.When you place 3 currency symbols on the same spin, the“re-spin”function is triggered.

Trigger the currency symbol to become sticky and then you will get 4 spins.You can see that the reels under the reels are marked with a 4 heart shape and can only fall blank or new currency symbols during the function.Every time you land at least one currency symbol, your reprint count will reset to 4 again, and the new currency symbol that lands will not become sticky.

Instead, add their respective cash values to the total, and you can also place special diamond symbols on reels 1 and 3. The symbol can only land during the re-rotation function and has a random value between 100x and 500X.When you run out of spins, the spins terminate,which is the closest feature to getting a bonus round in an extra long guarantee and spin slot.

Free spins in Ultra Hold and Spin

There are no free spins bonus rounds in Ultra Hold and Spin,but the re-spin feature is close enough.You really won’t miss a dedicated bonus round because of this and can think of it as a free spins feature for all intents and purposes.

Those who are familiar with the Pragmatic Play interface will know what will happen. Everything you need is provided on the translucent bar below the reels. We’ll walk you through all the essentials here and get you ready to play Ultra Hold and Spin slot machines right away.

You can check the payment form first.This is done with the“ i”(for Information) button on the left. The paytable is dynamic,just like the developer, so it will update itself based on the bet level you choose.The symbol value is represented by valuta, the Orange Lucky Number 7 is the highest payer, giving you a 3x reward on the payline 50.

All other symbols are typical for fruit slots, except for the symbol that may be the lowest value,which is a black X. On a Payline, the value of this symbol is 3 times 4, in this game, the wild symbol gains as much as the highest value gains. 。There are 9 symbols in total, including different fruit, star and BAR symbols.

If you scroll to the right through the arrows, you will learn about the different features of this game, and you can also check the rules of the game at the end.The paylines are shown here, showing the range of bets between 5p and £ 250 per spin.Here also shows the RTP of 96.7% and the volatility ratio, which highlights four of the five lightning rods.

Ultra Hold and Spin

The game settings menu can be found through the small burger menu icon on the left.Here you can enable fast spins to improve the rhythm of the game. If you are playing a game on your phone or tablet, you can also turn on power saving mode.You can turn on/off game sounds and music separately, or you can turn off the introduction screen.

You can then turn on the autoplay function under the Rotate button and set 10 to 100 autoplays.You can also set the loss limit to a maximum of £ 100,000, which should be enough for most people.You can turn on turbo spins for super fast gameplay, as well as other advanced options for when to stop the automatic game play feature.

Where can I play Ultra Hold and Spin

The widespread release of the game is just around the corner, and we hope to find it in more than 100 licensed casinos. This is the specification for almost any new release version of Pragmatic Play, and below we will introduce you to some of the options for best playing Ultra Hold and Spin slots. The main choice you need to make is whether you want to play the free demo version first before you start playing for Real Money.

Play for Real Money

If you like classic slot machines, then you may be eager to get started right away.Here you can always find the best live online casino malaysia to play this game, as we scan the entire market for you on a regular basis. This means you’ll get an overview of where to play Ultra Hold and Spin, as well as what popular offers are available.Just click on the link at the top and you can choose according to your needs.

200 Spins Super hold and spin experience

Classic fruit slots can be fun at times, especially when they have some features that make them stand out. That’s the case with Ultra Hold and Spin, so we’re eager to get started. You can read all about the luck of beginners here and check out the highlights in the video.

The $ 250 bet level may not be for everyone, but we decided to maximize it in the 200 spins test. Pragmatic calls it a medium volatility game, but we have to say it’s on the medium side.We have tasted the cruelty of mathematical models from the beginning, because we continue to fall into a large number of dead ends.

We suddenly fell from the Sky 2 silver coins and 1 gold coin fell on the middle scroll.This gives us an initial win of 17 times, and the Re spins feature is enabled.Initially it worked well, as we dropped 3 new coins on the first spin,but since then the function quickly dried.In the remaining spins, we only had blanks,but still won 62 times our principal.

Ultra Hold and Spin Video Ultra Hold and Spin

The game calls this an “epic victory“and a big victory through the melody, which reminds us of the slow version of synthetic sonic magic in Tina Cousins”prayer”.Soon after, we almost filled the screen with only oranges,which allowed us to get a“big win”of 16 times the principal.

The collection and resale feature is exciting, mainly because it doesn’t last long.However, you do need this feature to be successful in the game, as the maximum winning amount for the base game is only 250 times your bet. You can see a lot of crashes in our experience, and it’s not hard to understand why people love this game when they have more and better options and more tolerant mathematical models.


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