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A few studios pack the force of Zeus into their games while others look to tackle the clout of Hades. Few are pretty much as daring as to unite the two divinities in a single game to let them duke it out as Red Tiger has in War of Gods. Indeed, aside from games like 2 Gods Zeus versus Thor or Artemis versus Medusa which endeavored to do that precise thing. Supporting the awesome exemplary symbolism, players get three extra games, where images might be overhauled, and reels or lines extended.

We should begin with a little story from the universe of Ancient Greece. As indicated by legend, in the wake of ousting the titans, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon (who were siblings) each attracted parcels to choose what piece of the world they would run the show. Poseidon got the ocean, Zeus the sky, and lamentably for Hades, he got the short straw, which means the hidden world. Maybe this was what set him feeling fighting?

We can just hypothesize thought processes since they are not unequivocal in Red Tiger’s down. Perhaps it’s simply a sibling thing. Of course, Hades did steal Zeus’ girl Persephone to be his associate, so perhaps it’s that? Whatever the case, Zeus fighting Hades is a powerful subject, giving a lot of extraordinary ideas to utilize.

To Red Tiger’s credit, they’ve made an amazing showing of carrying the kin contention to the little screen. Battle of Gods is worked out on a 5-reel network (expandable during specific highlights), somewhere down in the insides of the searing hidden world in the midst of fallen segments, Sisyphus with a stone on his back, and a lot of lighting pouring down from the sky, proclaiming Zeus’ methodology. The soundtrack is reasonably epic; the outcome establishing an amazing first connection.

It’s a disgrace the remainder of the game doesn’t hit similar statures. A shiver of dissatisfaction happens when examining the assistance document in which we find a fairly below the norm default RTP of 95.66%. No less baffling is the determined max potential, however we’ll leave the uncover for the decision. Offering wagers from 10 p/c to £/€20 per turn, anticipate that volatility should be high alongside a hit recurrence drifting somewhere near the 20-30% imprint.

At the default framework size of 5×4, players get 30 paylines to land winning mixes of at least three of a sort on. There is a heap of images within reach as well; around half are exceptional images utilized during highlights, the rest are eight ordinary pays. In this last class we discover clubs, jewels, hearts, and spades as the lows, trailed by material, horn cups, safeguards, and rudders as the highs. On the default size, five of a sort wins are hopefully acceptable, delivering significant salary wins worth 4 to multiple times the stake. With such countless images on the paytable, it very well may be somewhat of an astonishment to realize there is no wild in War of Gods.

Battle of Gods: Slot Features

Just as being a without wild zone, there are no free twists, yet three extra games to play for. With names like Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire, and Warring Gods, don’t expect a ton of happy giggles to go with the higher winning chances they offer.

Hitting two 1×2 measured Zeus images on the first and last reels triggers the Wrath of Zeus highlight. In this game, just lucrative Zeus images show up. At whatever point these 1×1 images land, they turn tacky for the span, potentially changing into 1×4 Super Symbols. In this component, an extraordinary overhaul image may likewise land expanding the worth of Zeus images up to multiple times – handling a line of five of the most lucrative Zeus images is worth 20x the bet. Fierceness of Zeus proceeds as long as new images continue to show up on the reels.

At the point when two Hades images land, they trigger the Hades Hellfire highlight where just lucrative Hades images show up. As in the past, Hades images are held set up when they hit and may change into 1×4 measured paying tiles. In this one, an exceptional grow image may land to extend the network up to 7×6 in size, hence expanding the absolute number of paylines to 60. Each new column extends Hades Super images up to 1×6 in size worth 50x the bet for seven of a sort. Gahanna Hellfire likewise closes when no new images land on the reels.

The third reward game is Warring Gods, set off when Zeus and Hades land in the base game. This element utilizes Zeus/Hades unique images which, once more, bolt and conceivably extend when they land. The principles are essentially equivalent to previously, however one contrast is redesign and grow images are both accessible. A full line of seven Hades/Zeus images is worth 100x the bet.

Battle of Gods: Slot Verdict

Battle of Gods is a game that gets off to an extraordinary beginning yet doesn’t benefit from the effect. Red Tiger consistently plans incredible looking games, and Wrath of Gods is another solid model. It’s a game that appears to be all business, utilizing the subject to make a profound environment deserving of the two titans it depicts. There’s a practically scriptural quality to the visuals, while the musical soundtrack adds additional show.

The ongoing interaction is very acceptable as well, however like numerous red tiger gaming gambling openings, setting off the great parts can require some investment. Hold and win highlights are normal, yet infrequently do you get three of them in one game, nor such countless varieties inside them. Somely, it infers Red Tiger’s Clash of the Beasts the manner in which you can have either god, or both simultaneously.

Like Clash of the Beasts, when the kin battle it out is the place where hitting the game’s maximum potential has its most obvious opportunity with regards to happening. By best we are discussing a figure of multiple times the bet which is genuinely disappointing on a game like this. Maybe the prize cash was changed over from drachmas or something?

To summarize, War of Gods is splendidly introduced, and the highlights are extraordinary, offering significantly more intricacy than your typical hold and win include. It’s a genuine disgrace War of Gods is eventually let somewhere near failing to meet expectations details, and unremarkable possible returns.